Neglected heritage

I am the son of K. Muthusamy and Lakhsmi who are maintaining the Buddha statue at Veeraganur in Salem district (Buddha at the crossroads, A. Srivathsan, June 10). I had always wondered how Buddhism came to thrive in our area. The article threw light on this issue. It also took me back in time to memories of playing around the statue, of reading sitting on the hands of the Buddha. We will do our best to see that the statue is maintained well.

M. Thirunavukkarasu

Chennai, posted on the website

The author should be congratulated for bringing this world of cultural treasures to the notice of the world. The lack of political will to protect these treasures is the main reason for their neglect. How could corrupt politicians have any idea about protecting the cultural past as their main concern is making a quick buck? But international organisations like the UNESCO, with the Tamil Nadu government's help, can do something. An easier way is educating the people to feel proud of their own past.

Walter Jayawardhana

Los Angeles, posted on the website

Congratulations for having provided two eminently readable articles depicting the rich and resplendent history of India. “Buddha at the crossroads” and “A palace without a queen” by K.K. Mustafah (Magazine, June 10). The silent, serene and smiling Buddhas provide a contrast to the chaotic life in Thiyaganur of Tamil Nadu. Similarly the imperial glory of the Arakkal palace at Kannur today stands ravaged, an impact of changing times.

G. Azeemoddin


Needed: Policy changes

Articles like this will inspire at least a few policy makers in Delhi and other metro cities to implement successful water management policies which is mentioned in passing. Meanwhile, one hopes local efforts will help to overcome the gendered division of labour. Boys should also help their mothers with such thankless jobs.

B. Yojana

Posted on the website

What about plants?

If plants can speak/ sing (It's still chicken, Maneka Gandhi, June 10), do they cry and suffer when leaves are plucked or the whole plant is killed for tubers? Is the suffering of plants in anyway less than that of animals?

Francis Chandy



Sunday MagazineJune 28, 2012