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Updated: October 8, 2011 16:43 IST

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Miles to go

The article “Lata Revisited” made for informative reading as it traced the history of the renowned Chipko movement which showcased to the world the power of grassroots movements involving local communities when it comes to protecting and preserving our fragile environment. While there is no doubt that the Chipko movement had a discernible positive impact on our policy regarding environment, we still have to go miles to ensure our rich bio-diversity is protected from mindless exploitation that goes on in the guise of development.

M. Jeyaram

Sholavandan, Tamil Nadu.

Setting an example

Kerala's progressive steps in geriatric care indeed sets a fine example for the other states to follow (“Kerala has reasons to smile by Meera Prasad, October 2). The initiative called “Pakalveedu” or Day Care centres run by Smile India gives the older generation a great chance to live on with dignity and happiness at the fag end of their lives. Aging should never come in the way of a person's mental and emotional strength. Keeping oneself active and healthy with the right kind of thoughts, diet and exercise always keeps the mind balanced and strong. Two factors would always help us to age gracefully namely, detachment and getting rid of the fear of death. I feel that if the Day Care centres take up a lot of activities that keep the elderly busy, useful and smiling, they would indeed forget that they are getting older.

Kala Chary


Stopping the blame game

“The innocent divorcee” by Vijay Nagaswami (October 2) was an insightful article. As the old adage goes, “It takes two to clap”. Both the partners are to be blamed in a divorce which is nothing but a state of non-compatibility and a point of “stalemate” or shall we say, a point of no return. Affection and care go hand in glove and the acid-test is during periods of crisis in one's life. Both the partners must learn to give and take and this has to come by default from the bottom of the heart since coercion or advice will not work. At the end of the day, both the parties are the “cause” of the divorce — a divide between two hearts.

Ashok Jayaram


The conclusion that if marriage between two consenting adults is right, then divorce between such consenting adults need not be viewed as wrong may not suit or may not fit well in Indian culture, where society takes precedence over the individual likes and dislikes. It is true in Indian culture that whatever is permissible in law need not be put into practice and is not permissible morally, as unlike in Western countries where the government takes care of child, security, etc., in our culture certain norms are practised so as to live in an orderly and acceptable manner from the point of view of society. Repeated / frequent change of partners or divorce, living with multiple partners, live-in relationships, stay-float living, etc. may not suit the Indian culture. There is no point in aping the West.

R.S. Raghavan

New Delhi

Unique singer

This refers to the article “In tune with creativity” by Geeta Padmanabhan (October 2). Carnatic vocalist Aruna Sairam, who has an enthralling voice, is unique among the legion of classical musicians across the country, for, she knows how to make sure that the complicated classical music and her genius is understood by everyone in the audience. After all, creations go waste if there is no one to admire them. As the age-old saying goes “The proof of the pudding lies in the eating”

S. Ramakrishnasayee


How long?

I was moved to tears on reading how a carnage was averted in Gujarat by peace activists, by countering trishuls with roses!(Blood and Roses, Harsh Mander, September 25) What a brave idea! And no less brave are the writings and activities of Harsh Mander, to whom I am grateful for championing the cause of the downtrodden. But the disturbing question is: how long can roses hold out against weapons, the pen against the sword, a drive for peace and justice against whipping up a thirst for blood, a whisper against a thunder?

Mrs. Gulnar Khan



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