Talented bartenders across the country share their favourite recipes for cocktails that tap the warm spirit.

Not all cocktails are of the chill variety. There are some that can take on the winter chill if necessary. Check out these concoctions to keep you in high spirits.

Coffee Polo by Yogesh Rawat, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

This recipe uses two signature Mexican alcohols: tequila and Kahlua. Use decaffeinated coffee so that you will still get a good night's sleep.


Tequila 45 ml

Black Coffee 120ml

Kahlua: 15 ml

Brown sugar (powdered) 2 tsp

Whipped cream as topping

Method: Put 1 tsp brown sugar in a glass. Flame the tequila and pour it on the top of sugar along with hot black coffee. Add kahlua and put the cream on top of it. Garnish by sprinkling brown sugar on top of the cream.

Tips: Heat the glass before pouring the drink. Use premium tequila. Add whipped cream as per taste. Don't flame tequila for too long or the taste will be destroyed.

Basil Thyme Honey Martini by Joel Solomon, Manager, gbar, The Grand, New Delhi

This Martini features vodka infused with basil and thyme. But it's signature sweetness is tempered by honey, which also tints it a gorgeous yellow-green.


Basil-thyme-honey infused vodka 3 oz

Honey 1 teaspoon


Method: Fill the shaker with lots of ice and pour infusion spirit in. Shake vigorously. Allow honey to mix with the spirits to enhance its flavour. Swirl 1 tsp of honey in the martini glass and pour mixture in the glass.

Blended Garnished Fresh Strawberry Cocktail by Rajesh, Bar Manager, F Bar and Lounge, New Delhi


Bacardi 15 ml

Cream de Frais 15 ml

Fresh Strawberry 2 ml

Fresh Lime 15 ml

Method: Blend Bacardi with Creme de Frais, fresh strawberry and fresh lime. Serve in sugar-rimmed cocktail glass.

Punch by Benedict Tershies S.P., Manager, Manager, Bar Sutra, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore


Strong tea decoction 750ml

Dry red wine 1500ml

Dark rum 750ml

Fine sugar 400gm

Orange Juice 1 fruit

Lime juice 20ml

Method: Heat wine, tea and fruit juice in a chafing dish but ensure it does not boil. Separately saturate fine sugar in 650ml of dark rum. Mix both. Ignite 100ml of dark rum in a large ladle and slowly add to the warm mixture and stir till flame is extinguished. Serve in white wine glass and garnish with ripe bits of diced pineapple and plums flambéed in brandy along with caramelised butter.

Tip: When adding the garnish make sure that not much of the flambéed sauce is added to the drink.

Steamed Buttered Rum by Mohit Sharma, Sanchos, New Delhi


Soft butter a soft slice

Brown sugar 1 tsp

Cinnamon, nutmeg

Dark rum 2 oz

Boiling water

Method: Place butter, sugar and spices at the bottom of an Irish coffee mug. Mix rum and boiling water well and pour in mug. Stir to create a wonderful fireside cocktail and relax after a hard day's work.

Bloody Irish Coffee by Sudesh Dabral, Ink Bar, Tabula Rasa, New Delhi


Irish whisky 45 ml

Kahlua 15 ml

Espresso coffee1 shot

Brown Sugar30 gm

Whipped cream 3 tbsp

Method: Mix Irish whisky with kahlua, espresso shot and brown sugar, Serve in a martini glass, topped with whipped cream and garnished with coffee beans.

Minginto by Ravi Ranjan, Italia, New Delhi


Gin 45 ml

Ginger 1 piece

Mint 5-6 leaves

Brown sugar 1 tbsp

Method: Muddle all ingredients. Add lemon juice. Top with ginger ale. This is a personal variation of Mojito. Instead of Bacardi, Gin is added. Use Lemon instead of ginger and ginger ale in the place of soda.

Chocolate and Wasabi Eggnog by Mohit Balachandran, Manager, ai, New Delhi


Egg, yolk and white separated 1

Full cream milk 60ml

Heavy cream 50 ml

Bourbon 90ml

Sugar 15gm

Brandy 30ml

Chocolate syrup 60 ml

Wasabi 5gm

Method: Whip the egg whites till stiff. Separately whip the heavy cream. Then whip egg yolk with sugar. Stir in the milk, bourbon and brandy along with chocolate syrup and wasabi. Fold in whipped egg white and cream and sprinkle wasabi on top.

Cafe Barbados by Stephen George, Park Hyatt, Goa


Dark rum 15 ml

Kahlua 45ml

Black coffee

Whipped cream

Shaved chocolate for garnish

Method: Pour dark rum and Kahlua in a coffee mug. Build all the ingredients into a brandy balloon. Fill with hot coffee. Top with whipped cream. Garnish with shaved chocolate.

Burning ZEST by Abhishek Narain Sharma, Beverage Manager, Zest, New Delhi


Cognac 30 ml

Grand Marnier 30 ml

Orange Zest 2-3 nos

Lemon Zest 2-3 nos

Lime Zest 2-3 nos

Method: Put 2-3 pieces or triangular cut Orange, Lime, and Lemon Zest in a brandy balloon. Pour 30 ml cognac and Grand Marnier each. Flame the drink and serve.

Grand Champagne Cocktail by Joel Solomon, Manager, gbar, The Grand, New Delhi


Old fashioned syrup 1 oz

Campari 1/2 oz

Method: Carefully drop the old fashioned syrup into the flute. Pour the champagne into a chilled Champagne flute. Garnish with orange spiral

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