From time immemorial, human relationships have been the themes for paintings, sculptures, photographs and poems. No matter where in the world we go, there is an overarching preoccupation with romance.

Contemporary artists are no different, of course. A group show by 20 artists, being hosted by Kynkyny Art in Bangalore, explores the different facets of human relationships. Amrita Dhawan, Basuki Dasgupta, Dhrubajyoti Baral, Doddamani, Subramani, JMS Mani, Minal Shah, Elayaraja, Sukanta Das, Sujata Achrekar, Ramesh Gorjala, Sachin Jaltare,Naina Maithani and others take viewers through a poignant journey as part of The New Romantics exhibition.

Namrata Radhakrishnan, founder and curator of Kynkyny Art, says, “...the paintings create a richly imagined and emotionally charged narrative, which is not just black and white... Far from over-romanticising things or gazing at the world through rose-tinted glasses, these artists bravely plunge into the hot discomfort of real-world relations and the messy mindscapes of men and women in love.”

Mixed media works featuring playful lovers, whimsical women and dreamy-eyed men and a quixotic menagerie of animals, birds and flowers against abstract backdrops tell the story of missed connections, fated encounters and heartfelt love affairs.

The emotions and states of mind traverse a wide range — like romance, irony, pain and ardour — and yet move away from stereotypical associations with love.

Presented as oils-on-canvas, acrylics-on-canvas, watercolours, pen and ink drawings, this is by nature very different from what is generally seen these days.

Bottomline: Unveiling elements of post-modern relationships

New Romantics

When: Till March 14

Where: Kynkyny Art, 148 Infantry Road, Bangalore.

More details: +91-80-40926202/40926206 or