Norah Jones released her fifth album "Little Broken Hearts". Her first album, "Come Away With Me", won her five Grammies

Geethali Norah Jones Shankar, daughter of sitar maestro Pt Ravi Shankar has released her fifth album “Little Broken Hearts”. Her first album, “Come Away With Me”, won her five Grammies in a single night, topped the US Billboard 200 and sold over 25 million copies worldwide!

The next two “Feels Like Home” and “Not Too Late” were reminiscent of the first. She started discovering more from her fourth album, “The Fall”. And with “Little Broken Hearts”, Norah Jones has dug deeper to discover a newer sound for herself.

Musically, Norah Jones’ sound cannot be boxed in; however, this album has a sound from the 1980s' minimalist experimental bands, almost like a soundtrack from a Quentin Tarantino flick. The kind of music that plays just enough to highlight the emotions of the lyric. The lyrics are, of course, of a very hurting girl whose relationship didn't work out. So she’s pouring out her misery and woes — heartbreak, pain, hatred, anger — through her songs.

Norah Jones’ sweet husky voice singing songs of hatred and heartbreak is a very interesting mix. Other than singing, Norah plays the piano, guitar, keys and the bass. And she has done her bit by playing all these instruments and more in her album.

American musician-songwriter-producer Brian Burton, better known by his stage name Danger Mouse, is Norah's main collaborator. Both have written all the songs, and Brian has produced the album. Like Norah, Brian has lent his hand with many instruments: guitar, synthesiser, drum and percussion. The other musicians who have contributed are Blake Mills, Dan Elkan and Tod Monfalcone on the electric guitar, Heather Mcintosh on the cello, Gus Syffert and Jonathan Hischke on the bass, Joey Waronker on drums and percussion, and the Sonus Quartet on strings.

Bottomline: A sound similar to the 1980s' minimalist experimental bands

Little Broken Hearts; Norah Jones, Blue Note