Film and photography aficionados have an exciting week ahead as the TFAC Studio in collaboration with Photo Caddy hosts Magic Lantern: A week-long Celebration in Film and Photography. A collage of screenings, workshops, talks and exhibitions, the endeavour is to proffer a wholesome opportunity to people to soak in their favourite arts.

Conceptualised by Geetu Hinduja of The Fine Art Company (TFAC) and Sareena Khemka, visual artist and creative head, TFAC, Magic Lantern is a platform where artists and art-lovers can interact and start a dialogue.

“The TFAC Studio was created as a space where artists of different genres could co-exist and collaborate,” says Geetu. “The idea was to have a platform where filmmakers and photographers come together as a community and interact with the public in an intimate setting and exchange ideas. In keeping with this concept, we are hosting this event so that artists from film and photography can commence a synergistic dialogue with those interested in images.”

Sareena adds, “The underlying theme of Magic Lantern is to showcase a multitude of work in imagery from still to moving images. But we were keen not to make it a unilinear show. We wanted it to be a platform where people could exchange ideas, hold conversations and learn something new.”

Magic Lantern has many interesting programmes. In “Meet the Director”, Vikram Motwane, director of Udaan, will lead an interactive discussion and Q&A session on how to write a good script and tell a visual story; a workshop on photo-editing by Fawzan Husain; a talk by Andrew Fernandes on how to present and sell your photographs; a Smartphone Photography workshop by Natasha Hemrajani; film screenings of national and international films (including art films); photography exhibits, art talks and more.

Bottomline: Initiating a dialogue between artists and the audience.

Magic Lantern

Where: TFAC Studio, Waterfield road, Bandra, Mumbai

When: Till March 3