Hotel Bayerischer Hof, a heritage hallmark in Munich, has few parallels in the world.

Few landmarks in the world elicit as much admiration and reverence as the distinguished Hotel Bayerischer Hof in the heart of Munich. A living architectural icon of the lavish and gracious Bavarian King Ludwig I it welcomes world luminaries, heads of state, royalty and well known celebrities including Michael Jackson, Henry Kissinger, Walter Scheel, Kofi Anan, Dr Helmut Kohl, Willy Brandt, The Dalai Lama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Belgian royalty, American senators, Hollywood stars and other celebrities to its signature portals and world class attributes.

Diverse living areas

This glorious landmark is graced with 350 guest rooms and suites all appointed with tastefully done up interiors. State-of-the-art amenities, hi-tech acoustics and sound-proof enclosures ensure private dialogues among corporates, launch presentations and interaction efficiency among professionals and management heads.

Six diversely designed living areas, accommodation planning and décor takes up a strong and serious consideration: Lush carpeting, tasteful furnishings and drapes, the bright tones complementing muted matt shades of upholstery and sheers, the facades radiating exclusivity in aesthetic design, interior themes and elements.

The ‘Cosmopolitan R&B Style' has comfortable interiors with pure buff leather armchairs graced with contemporary handcrafted Wenge wood lamps by the French designer Philippe Hurel. The colour scheme in deep black, a rich bold red or exotic beige tones command the spaces.

In the Palais Montgelas, designed by Siegward Graf Pilati, rooms and suites have cheery pastel and soothing summer tones. Discreet luxury and understated elegance announce the decor of architect Hans Minarik's living spaces. Laura Ashley's English country charms with naïve, floral pastoral tones and sunshine colours bring the outdoors inside. The bold warm tones of the Savannah come alive in the colonial rooms and suites while country-house styles marry chromes, reds and pastels in sheer seduction, period furniture blending with quality wood elements and silver collectibles.

On the Panorama floor are the Count Siegward Pilati suites with warm shades of ochre, lemon, sienna and amber. The Bavarian Suites command identity in country house style suites with Alpine woodwork panelling, open fireplace and deep crimson and matt viridian tones.

Art deco

The magnificent Paris Suite with art deco fittings and brass king beds adds sparkle as a Champagne cooler waits patiently for those intimate moments. The 1806-built Palais Montgelas adjacent to the Bayerischer Hof is the hotel's proud showcase with original wood panelling, a prized antique collection, valued art works and private, discreet, high-security living for special guests.

The avant-garde fine wining and dining haven ‘Atelier' is one of Europe's most distinguished addresses for gourmet treats. The creatively executed designing of this space and their famous Garden-Restaurant results in a remarkable new address for haute cuisine. A passionate expression of exceptional interior accents by internationally renowned Belgian designer and art collector Axel Vervoordt combine contemporary style with interpreted creations.

Sheer raw wooden timber tables run the length of the discreet buff amber and steel grey wall tones, as spherical seating with wooden and Alpine furniture design uplift the eclectic private dining mesh-partition enclosure. Here Chef Steffen Metzger and his energetic team offer innovative dishes and evocative Mediterranean-influenced cuisine

In authentic Bavarian country Alpine style, the effusive ‘Palais Keller' restaurant with its sturdy vaults dating back from 1425 create compellingly fascinating Bavarian gastronomy. ‘Palais Keller' welcomes diners from all over the world with its fine array of blue-blood Bavarian micro beers and authentic Bavarian specialties.

The thrilling rooftop ‘Blue Spa Bar and Terrace' dining pad is custom-stylised, smart and sensuous with blue and chrome tones, stylish ultra-mod furniture, a great barbecue facility, a high glass bar and some of the most breathtaking views of Munich Cathedral and surrounds. Amicable chefs create light meals with fresh ingredients that entice you by a gorgeous open fireplace sit-around, the lounge feel adding to the relaxed ambience. Sit back and relax as the glass separators give you 180° panoramas of Munich and the distant mighty Alps just an hour's drive away.

Fine wines

The Falk's Bar attracts with its singularly magnificent ‘Spiegelsaal' or mirror hall, the Menehune Bar at ‘Trader Vic's' restaurant with Polynesian allure and the Night Club Bar with mahogany accents attract with all-time Jazz greats and blues over single malts. The Piano Bar entertains with accomplished pianists rendering pieces that complement fine wines.

On the highest floor, the famed Blue Spa offers regenerative and revival treatments in soothing but cheery environs. Star architect Andree Putman has created a haven for tranquil calm in and around a lush roof garden that instantly stills mind and body. Invigorating therapies, massages and facials uplift your holistic uplift with professional wellness themes.

The ‘Komodie Im Bayerischen Hof Theatre' is their unique presentation in the compact ultra-chic 560-seater cinema lounge offering light theatre, comic moments and dramatic repertoires by German and international artistes. The grand Night Club and Ballroom is the venue for memorable musical performances by Jazz and Blues greats like Marcus Millers, Pharoah Sanders, George Benson, Al Jarreau and Tito Puente.

The Hotel Bayerischer Hof with its dedicated specialty features sets standards of classical and modern day excellence that has seen peaks and pinnacles only. This fine heritage edifice under the dynamic leadership of its tirelessly energetic owner Innegrit Volkhardt and her passion for the very finest continues to endear itself to the fastidious 21st century guest and celebrity patron.

Where it is

Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 89 21 20-0, Fax: +49 89 21 20-906

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