With a skincare range sourced from plants, a session at the Clarins Spa leaves you looking and feeling great.

The word Spa is derived from a town in Belgium and is related to the Latin word spargere meaning to scatter, sprinkle or moisten. Spas are the most frequented and sought after destination, thanks to the feel-good factor. Founded by Jacques Courtin in 1954, Clarins is well known for its range of skincare products, cosmetics and salon treatments sourced purely from plants.

I could not help but check it out right away. I did not even have to try very hard because the spa was located right in the mall allowing the family to shop while I indulged myself.

After getting an appointment, the skin expert analyses your skin. Then a facial is suggested and the process begins with cleansing. This gently removes all traces of make-up and impurities leaving the skin looking clear and luminous while preserving the skin's hydrophilic film.

The cleansing milk is appliedusing the palms of the hands. The palms are kept flat on the skin for several minutes without pressing. The milk gradually thickens creating a suction effect to remove the make-up without irritating the skin. A toner is used to wipe out the milk while refreshing and stimulating the skin.

In a general facial, exfoliation is done using fruit powders. The exfoliator removes impurities and dead surface skin cells and refines skin texture. Once done, you can proudly boast of soft, smooth and radiant skin.

The facial itself begins with a lymphatic drainage by a shaping facial lift with Butcher's broom, which decongests and drains out impurities. A relaxing shoulder massage with geranium and hazelnut oil hydrates, relaxes and nourishes the skin.

Now begins the facial massage. As part of the treatment, the total whitening essence and the skin beauty repair concentrate is used. The eye mask is applied after exfoliation to moisturise the eyes, minimise dark circles and tone eyelids. A renew plus lotion wipes out the deal cells and encourage skin renewal. Clearer skin with an even complexion is what you are left with! Another special feature is the hand and nail protection cream to minimise chipping of nails and ensuring supple skin.

Once they apply the beauty balm, the facial is nearly done. This lights up your face wiping away any trace of fatigue. A fragrance that also moisturises and revitalises your skin signals ‘The end' of a blissful hour.

Where it is

Delhi: Skin Spa, Ravissant Delhi, New Friends Colony. Ph: 011-23628648

Mumbai: Skin Spa, Partcos-Kemp's Corner. Ph: 022-23643685

Bangalore: Skin Spa, Central-Residency Road. Ph: 080-65711296

Clarins Packages

Facials range from Rs. 2550-3550 and last up to an hour

Body treatments range from Rs. 2550-3000 and last for an hour

Massages range from Rs. 2550-2750 and last from 60- 90minutes.

For men, there are facials, treatments and packages ranging from 2550 and lasting for an hour.

Packages may need more than one sitting depending on what you opt for.


Rejuvenating experience May 7, 2010