From weight tracking to ultrasound imaging, smartphone apps can keep you fit.

In this era of technophilia, people use their smartphones for any and every thing. Even to keep themselves fit and healthy. Look out for the top-rated ones, the ones with the great review, or the ones recommended to you by your friends. Here are a few of the popular apps available on your Windows, Android or iPhone.

Nike+ Training Club

A fitness and training app “for the world’s biggest female fitness community”. This app is currently available only for women, although men have long been clamouring for something similar. The app helps you choose, customise and follow workout schedules, create goals, follow up on them, even include your friends for some motivation/competition.

It also features workouts from athletes and Nike’s master trainers, instructional videos, even step-by-step audio. It’s like having a personal trainer without having to pay exorbitantly for the facility at the gym.

For iPhones and Android devices.


An app to track health and fertility, it is a useful tool to chart one’s monthly cycle, contraception details, and ovulation period. It also claims to be able to predict your next period, graph your fitness and fertile days. A few add-ons are beauty, diet and general health tips. No more messing around with calendars, see?

For iPhones and Android devices.

Women’s Health Workouts

Brought to you by the Women’s Health magazine, this app features more than 130 workouts selected by their in-house fitness experts that you can choose from. A training log lets you chart reps, log performances and view averages.

For iPhones, Windows and Android devices.

Pregnancy Plus

An app that can be personalised for dads or grandparents-to-be as well, this provides daily updates and information, apart from ultrasound images to show you what your baby looks like at that particular point during the pregnancy.

Also useful are the health and weight tracking tools, a diet and exercise guide, plus tips on labour, and general information on pregnancy.

Not to mention a shopping list to prepare you for your little bundle of joy, lots of name suggestions, and a log for doctor’s appointments. Just like having a know-it-all friend in your pocket — the non-annoying variety, of course.

For Windows devices.

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