New Dimensions of Yoga; Osho, Penguin Ananda, Rs.299

In this book, Osho talks about the early form of dynamic yoga and propounds nine sutras for it. He begins with the practice of meditation explaining how it does not add anything, but only takes away what is wrong within one. He talks about disengaging oneself from one’s ego, for ultimate freedom.

Thus, from life to death, from meditation to consciousness, in simple language and easy to follow steps, Osho leads the reader to both understanding and practising Yoga.

Nowhere To Go But In; Osho, Penguin Ananda, Rs.499

Osho, in this questionnaire, guides people away from asking superficial, ‘religious’ and intellectual questions and helps them to open up by posing real questions. Osho’s answers to them are existential responses that take the questioner to a new level of consciousness.

‘So much asking, so much answering and in the end you will see that, far from getting less, your confusion has grown more, that your questions have increased rather than become less. Only then, perhaps, you may become aware that the answer to the questions is not in answers, the answer to the questions is in meditation,’ he says.