Beat the heat with these refreshing drinks.

In the sweltering heat when the sun seems to drain all your energy, try these recipes. The use of fresh fruits and other healthy ingredients will keep you refreshed, nourished and hydrated. Turn to nature's storehouse instead of those packaged drinks that contain sugar, and artificial ingredients harmful to health.

Elaneer Cheppu

(Tender coconut casket)


2 tender coconuts (full)

1 cup beaten rice (roasted without oil)

4 tbsp jaggery or according to your taste (grated)

1 small banana (Robusta) cut into small pieces

1 tsp ginger juice

Flesh of one tender coconut (chopped)

Method: Cut the tender coconut from top. Drain out water from both tender coconuts. Remove flesh of one tender coconut and chop it. Mix tender coconut bits, jaggery, roasted beaten rice (poha), banana pieces and ginger juice. Put it in tender coconut with the flesh. Pour one glass of tender coconut and shake it well. Use a long spoon and serve. Alternately you can cut tender coconut into half and put the poha mixture in it and serve.

Jackfruit Faluda

(Yummy faluda made of cooked jackfruit pulp)


8-10 pods ripe jackfruit

1/2 cup sago cooked in coconut milk

100 gm cream

1 cup coconut milk

4 tbsp Sugar

4 tbsp Honey

For garnishing:

Jackfruit chopped

Tender coconut chopped

Soaked black khus khus (2 tbsp)


Method: Wash and remove seeds of jackfruit. Cut into small pieces. Keep some aside for garnishing. Grind the rest into pulp. Beat the cream and honey and add to the jackfruit pulp, mix well and chill.

Wash and soak the sago for sometime. Cook the sago in coconut milk. When cooked add sugar. When it becomes thick remove and chill. Meanwhile soak black khus khus (sabja seeds) for about 15 minutes.

To serve:

Chill a tall glass first. Put a big scoop of jackfruit pulp. Put one scoop of cooked sago on top. Then put one more scoop of jackfruit pulp. Garnish with a layer of black khus khus, chopped jackfruit, tender coconut bits with a cherry on top and serve chilled.

Pal Basra

(Sago cooked in coconut milk)


50 gm Sago

1 cup first coconut milk

1 1/2 cup second coconut milk

4 tbsp Sugar

4 tbsp Condensed milk

Pinch of cardamom powder

1/2 tbsp Rose water

For garnishing:

3 tbsp Black khus khus (sabja seeds)

3 tbsp Freshly grated coconut or tender coconut scrapings

Method: Wash and soak sago for 15 minutes. Drain and cook in second coconut milk till soft. Add sugar and first coconut milk. Boil and remove. Add condensed milk, rose water and cardamom powder. If it is too thick add milk or coconut milk and make into pouring consistency. Pour into glass. Garnish with soaked khus khus and grated coconut or tender coconut and serve.

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