Experience hair and beauty care tips that are eco-friendly and safe…

Hair and skin, your most pampered assets, have seen both traditional and modern ways of grooming. Everybody uses a beauty kit, make up, colours hair or has a quick facial But how many know that the product may be a mélange of hazardous chemicals and preservatives. Worried about what this cocktail does to your skin and hair? Just go back to Nature and her bounty.

Jojoba oil massage

Healthy hair is the essence of all funky or classy styles. And for this one needs to massage the scalp. “Natural jojoba oil is excellent for damaged dry hair or any other type. Just a few drops work magic to your locks. Use it on your wet hair while bathing and wash off after keeping it for 15 minutes. The difference is visible; no need to apply conditioner later,” says celebrity hair stylist Shaan.

Mineral make-up

This is the latest rage in skin care. Generally, mineral make-up is made of natural, finely ground minerals from the earth without any chemicals. Lippi Lal, celebrity make-up artist and consultant, Bourjouis, says, “Natural cosmetics are specially formulated; they do not hurt or irritate the skin and are environmental friendly. The foundation, eye shadow, compact are all light, finely ground loose minerals. Internationally there are various brands, The Body Shop being the pioneer. Organic beauty believes in bringing products out of natural extracts.” Other brands include L'Oreal, Nina Ricci, and Lush.

Eco blower

A hair dryer or blower is now a common hair appliance. But how many realise that it uses around 1,500 watts of energy an hour? Hair expert Vandana Luthra suggests an easy eco-friendly approach that doesn't involve firing up the dryer every day. “I always tell my client that nothing matches natural drying. If you are very busy then leave your hair as it is after wash unless it is unmanageable. Or apply voluminising spray on your wet locks and slip on a fine cotton scarf before leaving home. These are the natural ways that create a look and save resources as well.” Internationally, some brands offer organic hair blower if you want some quick styles daily.

Hair spa

Often we visit a spa for a body massage or skin exfoliation. How about an eco-friendly hair spa that offers a special treatment for your dull and damaged scalp? Hair spa involves the application of creams, gels or moisturiser to the roots of your tresses to strengthen the scalp. Lippi Lal says, “The eco-friendly ways are in the roots of Indian culture which have with time faded away. Hair spa is not new: oil massage, curd wash, hot water steam were the old ways that were environmental friendly.” Old is indeed gold!

Botanical facials

Facials work magic on your face by lifting loose skin and rejuvenating the cells. Listen to skin and hair expert Vandana Luthra, “I always recommend regular facials to improve the overall complexion and tone your skin glow. At VLCC we use fruit, vegetables and herbs extracts for facials on different skin types. Botanical facial is another term for organic or green facial that is all natural. First the skin is cleansed and then full facial massage is performed.” The Ayurvedic cosmetics offered by brands like Iraya also have a wide range of face wash and creams.

Hair colour

This is perhaps the most common easy to follow look. But not many are aware that the chemicals used and the ingredients involved in making the product are hazardous to environment. Celeb hair stylist Javed Habib says, “One needs to be careful while selecting the hair colour product. Always check the ingredients and the brand. There are some natural hair colours too in the market, which have the maximum proportion of henna. But eco-friendly is the one that offers different hues without chemicals. International brands like Aubrey Organics, Loreal, Aveda, among others are consciously making products that are either natural, biodegradable or have less chemicals.”

Aloe vera gel

Who doesn't know about the goodness of aloe leaves? The pulp of these leaves is manually cold pressed to extract the gel. Aloe Vera gel is a rich and natural source of essential minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. The result: glowing skin, fresh look and a guard against dirt and pollution! Aloe Vera gel is also effective against skin stretch or birth marks and wrinkled skin. And it is also the main ingredient for some exfoliation creams for skin rejuvenation.

So dip into these hidden treasures and enhance your beauty. You don't have to forgo the latest grooming trends. Just do it in a way that stays in tune with Nature.

Hair care guide

While washing hair, try not to waste water.

Don't wash your hair under a running tap or shower.

Choose biodegradable products.

Green beauty

Choose a regular washcloth or a hanky rather than a throwaway face wipe.

When using a face wash, use less water.

Dispose waste liquid cosmetics carefully as it can be toxic.

Product range

Brands like Maxfactor offer a wide range of Mineral make-up, Mineral Blush and smudge proof eye-liner.

VLCC not only offers organic skincare products but also has a great range of natural facials to rejuvenate the dull skin.

The Body Shop has a complete range of cosmetics and skincare products that are biodegradable.