Good genes, a healthy lifestyle and skilful beauty enhancement can slow the clock of ageing but nobody can stop it ticking. Though we all believe in a holistic approach to beauty and ageing gracefully, society demands a youthful and physical beauty.

In an era where the need for physical beauty has overtaken most things, safe medical technology, nutritional supplements of plant origin or herbal in nature, tried and tested cosmo-ceuticals in the form of night creams and sunscreens, lasers certified for a particular skin type, skin tightening through heat and light, acne treatment and scar removal through safe peels, skin brightening for those who want it, minimally invasive procedures that are U.S.-FDA approved like Botox, dermal fillers and many others are a boon to mankind.

Why not go for it?

I firmly believe that, if the machines, treatments and medications have a safe and proven track record and one can afford it, then why not avail of the services of the best and most experienced in the line, as all these treatments require a great amount of expertise as well as experience.

Jaw contouring or making the jaw appear thinner to remove the face’s square look, controlling migraine attacks for nearly a year each time, taking control of excessive underarm sweating and of the hands and feet, freshening the face by reducing the few lines on it, increasing the length of the neck can all be achieved with Botox. And it takes an experienced doctor only five to 10 minutes.

Ageing means losing fat or volume from the face leading to sunken eyes, hollowing of the cheeks, bony hands, drooping mouth. These can be corrected with deep dermal fillers with only topical anaesthetics and the whole contouring of the cheeks, eyes, nose and chin can be achieved taking away all those years of stress and strain from your face. Even the lips can be ‘plumped’ to a youthful look. A receding hairline or even scanty hair becomes a problem with the ageing process. There is hair transplant, hair extensions, weaving and wig pieces that transforms you to a more youthful you.

In this era, looking decades younger than your chronological age has never been easier!

The writer is a Mumbai-based leading Cosmetologist and Managing Director of the Blush chain of cosmetic clinics.