Whip some deliciously healthy desserts for Christmas.

It's the season of indulgence and it is next to impossible to pass up on the glorious Christmas fare. With more people becoming health conscious, the calorie-heavy conventional ingredients such as chocolate, butter cream and liquor have to be replaced. Here are a few recipes loaded with flavour but not weight. Fruits and spices such as cinnamon and cloves combine harmoniously not only to complement each other but also to enhance flavours. Easy to make and light on the stomach, these desserts can also be enjoyed guilt-free. Enjoy every bite and relish the joy of the holidays!

Blueberry Yoghurt and Muesli Parfait

(About 116 calories)

Servings: 1


Skimmed milk yoghurt 50 gm

Muesli 10 gm

Blueberry 50 gm

Method: Use a glass to assemble this dessert. Start with the blueberry at the bottom of the glass, followed by a few teaspoons of yoghurt to cover the blueberries. Spread a single layer of the muesli, followed by more yoghurt. Then add one more layer of the fresh blueberries and a final layer of the yoghurt. Decorate with a mint leaf and serve immediately.

Mediterranean Apple Tart with Dry Fruits

(About 96 calories)

Servings: 6


Filo pastry 3 sheets

Butter 5 gm

Brown sugar 5 gm

Apple peeled and sliced 400 gm

Pitted prunes 18 gm

Chopped dried figs 18 gm

Seedless dates 18 gm

Chopped cilantro 2 gm

Cinnamon powder 2 gm

Sugar powdered 5 gm

Method: Peel core and divide apple into two. Slice approx 1mm thick. Chop or dice dry fruits about 5 mm dices and mix along with the chopped cilantro. Then divide into six balls. Spread filo pastry with butter, and sprinkle brown sugar and the cinnamon powder to taste. Put two more filo pastry on top sprinkling the same between each. Cut this into six squares.

Place the film square in a tart ring of about 8 cm diameter. Place the ball of the dry fruits in the centre. Arrange apple slices - one full apple per tart in a circular manner with the slices overlapping till the top of the dry fruits. The apple will be a cone around the dry fruits. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder and dab a little butter (optional) and bake for 30 minutes at around 180° till the apple is soft. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve hot with your choice of low calorie ice cream.

Red wine poached Strawberries with Christmas Spices

(About 106 calories)

Servings: 6


Strawberries 400 gm

Cinnamon sticks 2 gm

Cardamom pods green 2 gm

Cloves 2 gm

Star anise 2 gm

Red wine 375 ml

Sugar 50 gm

Method: Bring wine to boil with all the ingredients except strawberries. Reduce to a simmer. Use a pan that will allow all the strawberries to be immersed in the wine, preferably a narrow tall pan. Put strawberries in the wine and remove from fire. Let it macerate in the wine in the fridge till required; overnight is good.

Serve approx nine pieces of strawberries per portion, with a small quantity of the red wine poaching liquor. Serve slightly warm with your favourite non-dairy low cal whip topping or lite ice-cream.

The writer is Executive Pastry Chef, Ibis and Novotel Bengaluru Techpark.

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