If there is one actor, who has understood what it means to be part of the Indian police force, it is Om Puri. Having played a cop in around 30 films, Puri insists that cops in India are usually not given their due. He agrees that most cops in Indian films are either caricatured or larger-than-life figures. "That is a pity," said Puri. "There have been exceptions though, 'Ardh Satya', 'Pukar'"

He added that cops in India worked hard. "Look at their salary package; their lives. When we enjoy our festivities, they are on duty. The 26/11 attacks proved one thing: how brave our cops are. Despite lack of supplies and even inadequate manpower, they did what had to be done," added Puri. Did he ever want to join the police force? "No it was the army for me; the glamour of the uniform really," said he.