In the affluent world of second-generation Indian-Americans, weddings are a memorable mix of the wacky and the traditional.
  • Club class

    A tongue-in-cheek reaction to the debate over dress codes in private clubs.
  • The saheb of Bollywood

    Tom Alter talks to the writer in Dudhwa National Tiger Reserve and says he is more than just the token firang of Hindi cinema.
  • In divided neighbourhoods

    How India has come to be known as the second most racist country in the world.
  • Snacking in Spain

    Two weeks were not enough to do justice to a variety of tapas.
July 26, 2014

Hare fall

A magician can’t pull out a rabbit out of his hat in India. Neither can Alice follow a rabbit down the tree hole here. Not because an Indian magician is any less magical or an Indian Alice any les... »
M.F. Husain skethching in front of the V&A museum.
July 26, 2014
brush with genius

The great Indian canvas

Eight giant tryptych paintings — each 12ft x 18ft — dominate the gallery space at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The sure strokes, the trademark complex number of figures and deftly inte... »
Chef Douglas' Seafood ice experience.
July 26, 2014
Food trail

Chendol, chicken broth, seafood shots

Just a short cab ride away from the bustling city centre of Singapore is Sentosa Island. As you cross the causeway that links this islet to the mainland, the gleaming skyscrapers give way to Princ... »
July 26, 2014

No partialities

Retirement dinners are obviously special occasions, but the one which my wife and I attended a few days ago was more than usually special. It was arranged to mark the retirement — after 30 years of... »
This photo was taken on November 11, 1918, shows people in front of Buckingham Palace in London, celebrating the signing of the Armistice. Photo: AP
July 19, 2014

And, it all ended

As mortal men continued to fail India, Subramania Bharati increasingly took recourse to the divine. Reflecting on ‘India and the War’ in Besant’s weekly Commonweal (July 2, 1915), a year aft... »
Children flee from the war zone. Photo: AFP
July 19, 2014

In the war zone

There is a photograph that has appeared in most newspapers around the world. It is of a young Palestinian boy, no older than 10 or 11, weeping inconsolably. His father was one of the hundreds who w... »
Tahiliani says, “To look modern, one must look like oneself and not a painted doll from 200 years ago.
July 19, 2014

It’s all about individuality

Mirrors, pearls and Swarovski crystals are highlighted by intricate embroidery and thread work in his latest couture collection. Tarun Tahiliani blends modern silhouettes with Indian craftsmanship,... »
Jiten Thukral and Sumer Tagra
July 19, 2014

Time to stand and stare

Mumbai has something new around every corner, every day. But the overwhelming and underlying hustle, hurry and haste to get somewhere at some special time leaves the average Mumbaikar with little t... »
July 19, 2014

The Hindu Crossword No. 2800

Across Depressed facing autumn in America, and heavy rain (8) First aid received by soldiers (6) Secret meeting about chapter in a novel badly written (8) »
Although 100 per cent success in IVF is never a given, numerous critical steps can be taken by Embryologists to improve chances of a take-home baby.
July 19, 2014

Test tube miracles

When Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby, was born on July 25, 1978, many couples yearning for a child saw a ray of hope. However, the doctors who pioneered this procedure would not have... »

Forever amber

Grace & detail

The Hindu Crossword No. 2799

Money wise

When stone walls cry

A great poet, a great war

The road to Pandharpur

Milkmen turned producers

July 26, 2014

Life with father

Sometimes when I watch or hear children calling their parents outdated or different, I think about my own childhood, especially about my father. He was a metallurgist, who loved literature and life... »
Das Sreedharan
July 26, 2014
Face to face

‘Food is god to me’

Das Sreedharan went to London to study accountancy, but ended up opening the Rasa chain of restaurants and making his mark in global cuisine. Sreedharan, who appears frequently on British televisio... »
July 26, 2014

The Hindu Crossword No. 2801

Across1 What the grower will sell is brought out of wood, cut by Charlie (4,4)5 Leader of Blackadders in court case concerning clan (6)10 Floating voter atop passenger boat (9)... »
The first step to reclaiming your abode is to start with a clean canvas.
July 19, 2014


Is there a difference between hoarders and collectors? Maybe not to the hoarders, but just ask their families. It’s probably an off-limits topic, much like their possessions. Hoarders accumulate in... »
July 19, 2014

Space for little people

This article has been removed due to a factual error.

... »
July 19, 2014

A politic lyric

Before this century ends, I am certain that every day of a year will be celebrated for some specific human emotion, expression or action. Not one day will be left in the calendar, which is not dedi... »
Author Zia Haider Rahman
July 19, 2014

‘Writing is really an interruption of reading...’

Zia Haider Rahman was born in rural Bangladesh. He moved to the United Kingdom before his sixth birthday and was raised in a derelict squat before moving to state housing. His father was a waiter;... »
The Story of our Family. Author: Anamika Mukherjee
July 19, 2014

Sweet child of mine

In a country where most adoptive parents do not disclose the fact of adoption even to their child, Anamika Mukherjee’s candid and tell-it-like-it-is memoir provides an honest portrayal of the trial... »
Whole grains, seafood, skinless white-meat chicken, spinach, and Brazil nuts are good sources of vitamins.
July 19, 2014

The Health Files

Get your vitaminsVitamin B-7 is essential for converting food into energy, and it plays a role in keeping your skin, nerves and digestive tract healthy. It may also reduce diabetic ne... »
Zohra Sehgal celebrates her 100th birthday in 2012. Photo: PTI
July 19, 2014

Zohra Sehgal, a magnetic force

When I first met Zohra Sehgal, she was over 90 years old but she could make strange faces and delight in the game of abhinaya with the innocence of a child.As a co-curator of The Othe... »

A glimpse of the past

The taste of home

Freezing a moment

Bigger, higher, greener

Of human bondage

On silence

Will crowdfunding work?

The Hindu presents the all-new Young World

Amandeep Sandhu, Manjul Bajaj, Manu Joseph and Sonora Jha read from their novels that were shortlisted for The Hindu Prize for Fiction 2013. Ziya Us Salam introduces them and moderates the session. <... »