Wendell Rodericks is more known for his funky Western ensembles. Here the hip designer unleashes his Indian side.

The Bohemian fashion whiz Wendell Rodricks is known for his western, bold and spunky cuts and patterns. Whenever we see models in anything radically racy, feisty and juicily vibrant, Wendell subconsciously comes to mind. His lines have scorched Fashion Weeks and Bollywood alike for a decade now. Wendell pioneered the whole ultra-cool boho-chic look in India, his arrival introduced a brand-new fashion campaign in the style map; a never-seen-before look that some describe as ‘hip', ‘boisterous' and ‘funky'. Since he is known as the face of ‘western' ensembles, what many us aren't aware of, however, is that Wendell is equally trendy when it comes to Indian wear. And that being the preferred choice of clothing for many of us, this tête-à-tête with this stylish charmer revealed his Indian side. Listen to the hip designer's traditional fashion do's and don'ts. This style guru tells you exactly how to score a perfect ten as a trend-queen.

What kind of patterns/fabric/ cuts are making statements when it comes to Indian wear this winter?

Choose fabrics and cuts that cling closer to the body with slimmer silhouettes and ensure that they are not too long. A good dupatta is a must with every ensemble; weave it around you in interesting ways. If your kurta is heavily embroidered, flaunt that; while wearing the dupatta as a scarf wrapped around your neck in a bunch; this automatically eliminates the need for a choker as well.

What colours are in? Which ones to ditch?

Bright colours, better yet with sheen, are the ones to opt for. Matte is out for the moment. Reds, pinks, greens, blues, yellows and gold are making waves; go wild with these shade cards. Also contrast is the way to go. Weave interesting combinations on your own, say, a haldi yellow with a turq or a fuchsia pink with a forest green. Use you imagination on the colour palette.

If someone wants to experiment with an Indo-Western look, how do they go about it?

Mix the look; like a beaded western top with a salwar/ghagra or even a brocade kurti with leggings. Wardrobe is a very personal statement but if you're comfortable in Indian clothes don't let go of that. Only ethnic couture adds that certain grace with its drapes.

How can one look glamorous in Indian wear?

Right styling is all in how you play mix-match. Stay away from stereotypes and please do not go matching; that's so passé. Think of an alternate colour for shoes and bags. Most essentially don't opt for too much embroidery all over. Keep the bling and shine in only one section of the ensemble and the rest understated. In fact I feel a woman looks the most glamorous and sensual in a sari over any other garment.

What to get right is one aspect, but what must one completely avoid? Fabrics, pieces of clothing, accessories...

What to steer away from actually is sometimes more essential than the regular dos. A common fashion blunder: avoid accessories that overpower the outfit or the wearer. The onlooker should say “What a beautiful lady” rather than “What a beautiful garment”. You wear the clothes; don't let the clothes wear you. Let your eyes be your mirror; don't wear something just because its ‘en vogue'. Rather stick to what you can see flatters your body type/skin colour.

What are the right accessorising this season? In terms of jewellery, shoes, bags...

Please do not carry a big fat bag at social dos; you don't need all your belongings unless you need to change later. Carry clutches/wallets/batwas. If you prefer long earrings, then ignore a necklace and vice versa. Take care not hide your fingers under too many rings; may be just one stunning biggie. Also if you go with the ring, then no bangles. One general tip is avoid excess; makes you look cluttered.

Some basic do and don'ts for the season…

Be yourself. Don't take advice from anyone; not even me!

Your perception of fashion; what it means to you and how can each one of us find that fashion insight in our lives?

Fashion is what many people follow, but style; that is an individual expression and far more important. Learn to listen to your body and create your own statement.

Lastly, what do you associate with Chennai fashion? Your take on the fashion scene here?

The fashion influence is growing every time I visit. I personally like the scene; citizens seem to be able to strike a good fashion balance. The vibe is young, vibrant, chic and unpretentious

Your sign-off….

Smile and lots of it. Let the happiness reflect on your face. Carry oodles of self-confidence and you'll look smokin' in just about anything you wear!


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