Age brings many constraints to one's life and eye problems are one of them. Apart from weak eye sight, cataract, and presbyopia are some of the problems that emerge with age.

Using reading glasses during the day and lenses for that evening out demands quite a bit of attention and care. Cataract is one of the disorders affecting a majority of aging people across the globe.

Cataract is a condition in which the eye's natural lens gets clouded and impairs the ability to see clearly. This is a problem generally faced by people in their 40s. Usually it is treated through a simple surgery in which the eye's natural lens is replaced by an artificial intraocular lens. But this intraocular lens cannot replicate natural lens' ability to accommodate and focus on various objects at different distances. Also some people need to wear spectacles after the surgery.


But new breakthroughs are constantly improving this limitation of the traditional intraocular lenses. One such breakthrough is the new advanced accommodating intraocular lens which allows focusing on near and distant objects. These lenses not only remove the cataract cloud but also have the capacity to bend, flex, thicken and contract like the natural lens.

Accommodating intraocular lenses are increasingly being adopted by women who do not want to compromise with vision as they age.

“I have always believed that age is no bar to enjoying life. I recently underwent cataract surgery with accommodating intraocular lenses; since then, my life has been brighter and sharper! I recovered very soon and now I can pursue my love for travelling once again. It has truly transformed my life,” says lawyer Seema Parikh.

Look younger, feel comfortable

Earlier patients wanted to look younger and were ready to undergo any number of cosmetic surgeries to retain that look. But today not only do they want to look younger but feel comfortable as well. With the 40s becoming the new 20s, more women are opting for surgeries that can make them look young, be it cosmetic or cataract surgery.

Why Crystalens?

Crystalens is the only FDA- approved, Aberration- Free Accommodation IOL.

It mimics the natural lens, is designed to move with the eye and delivers a continuous range of vision-near, intermediate and distance

It reduces or eliminates the need for glasses during most activities

It is foldable and hence requires only a micro incision in the eye

The patient can return to normal activity by the next day

The outcome of Crystalens cataract surgery is a stable improvement in accommodation and vision quality.

The writer is a Hyderabad-based ophthalmologist.