Here’s how to stay fit despite the heat.

Summer is a time to get outdoors. Research has shown that being amidst Nature makes one feel better, so outdoor workouts improve well-being. But the one big problem is heat. So you need to plan your workouts carefully. For those who are sensitive to heat, here are some workouts that may help. First, some basic guidelines:

Work out early morning or late evening.

Eat light. Avoid fried food and heavy meals. Instead opt for salads and fresh fruits.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.


Pilates is one of the better summer workouts as it can be done anywhere, whether outdoors or indoors. This body-conditioning routine helps build flexibility, endurance and muscle strength. Best of all, the intensity can be increased as the body adapts to the exercises and the weather conditions


•Strengthens the core and enhances overall health.

•Increases range of motion and functional ability.

•Can customise workout according to fitness level.

•Improves and preserves lean mass by using body weight only.

•Increases body alignment and balance.

•Increases blood circulation and oxygen consumption.


This is a technique-based exercise routine, especially for those who prefer working out in the gym and those who feel they are not getting the right body shape. BMXStrength uses the same equipment found in a gym but works on an understanding of joint-friendly moves and correct techniques.


•Helps in rehabilitation of injured ligaments and muscles

•Prevents frequent injuries.

•Does not consume too much energy so one doesn’t get exhausted.

•Increases flexibility without any strain to the body.

•Improves lungs diffusion capacity.

Paleolithic workouts

This mix of aerobic and anaerobic workout works well in summer because, in a short duration, you can work out all body parts. But it needs to be done either early in the morning or late in the evening. The intensity level can be increased according to person’s fitness level.


•Helps build muscles and endurance faster

•Increases metabolism.

Extreme Stretch

A combination of functional and flexibility training, this will help release toxins from the body. The workout isolates used muscles and so tones them faster and also helps increase flexibility. This enhances coordination.


•Strengthens the muscles.

•Lubricates the joints.

•Lengthens muscles, so they use more fat as energy source.

•Corrects body composition, preserves lean.

•Releases stress and lactic acid.

•Increases coordination and balance.

Aqua Workout:

This is the best workout in the heat as it is safe for joints and muscles. Try aqua aerobics, aqua kick boxing and water run if you’re bored with just swimming.


•Releases and maintains body heat and increases metabolism.

•Safest workout for connective tissues, especially for arthritis patients.

•Body and water weight helps isolate muscles being worked on

•Increases endurance levels.

•Helps maintain blood pressure and heart rate.

The writer is a Fitness Professional, Nutritionist and Director of GFFI Fitness Academy.


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