It was a time for young aspiring photographers to let creativity get the better of them.

The photography workshop organised by Meenakshi Sarin and Seema Sanghi of Kalpataru - The Hobby Centre was bustling with young photographers.

Eleven-year-old Suryansh was chasing a duck at the entrance of the hobby centre in Palavakkam. He was not doing that for fun; he wanted to capture the white bird on his Sony DSLR. Finally the duck settled down under the shade of a tree, elegantly looked up at him, as though it was just searching for the right place for it to be photographed. Suryansh quickly adjusted a few knobs in his camera and started clicking. When he thought he had photographed the duck in all possible angles, he ran inside to show the pictures to Sethuraman, who enthusiastically connected the camera to his laptop and marvelled at the shots and suggested few other compositions. Suryansh, determined to win his master's appreciation ran out again, in search of his model.

“I break up my five days workshop into three parts,” says Sethuraman, who has been associated with Kalpataru since the beginning. “I teach them the basic techniques in photography and how to apply them while taking a picture, and then move on to the composition and the creativity part of it and finally give them an insight about what it really means, to be passionately involved in the art and craft of photography.”

Since his class has students from different age groups he individually guides them in their practical classes, while his theory class is general, as most of the students “already have fairly been exposure to photography”, says Sethuraman, who rates the class as an above average one.

D. VENNILA, completed 12, AMM MHSS, Kotturpuram

I've always liked photography. I thought I knew all about it, until I attended this workshop which has taught me a great deal. From now on it'll always be me who is going to click pictures for all my family functions.

AJAY, VI, Chettinad Vidyashram

I took my first picture when I was in Std. III. From then I haven't been able to stop taking photographs. Especially if I see any animal or insect I have to click it then and there. I am not sure if I want to become a full fledged photographer but I feel lucky to have learnt so much in this workshop.


I realised my passion for photography when I was 12; I have a Nikon D90 now. I love to play with the light and the shadows; silhouettes are my favourite genre in photography. During this workshop I realised that whatever profession I am in, I should never stop taking photographs as that is what gives me real pleasure.VAISHNAVI RAMESH, Completed X, M.Ct.M. MHSS, Luz Church

I've always clicked pictures with the camera on automatic mode but now I know the function of different buttons and options. I've learnt a lot about lighting and focus too. I've started seeing everything around me in a photographic point of view.

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