Home to 316 species, Singapore Zoo's open concept allows a wonderful interaction and experience to all visitors.

Orangutans, tortoises, white rhinos and tigers, hornbills, zebras, giraffes are only some of the animals you will see at the Singapore zoo. Home to 316 species, Singapore Zoo's open concept allows a wonderful interaction and experience to all its visitors seven days a week between 8.30am and 6.00 p.m.

As you enter the zoo the proboscis monkeys greet you. A little ahead the siamangs and the false ghariyals will not go unnoticed. A few metres away meet the tapirs, babirusa and the otters. The white tiger will roar to sound off his presence up ahead. Opposite him you will usually find the hippos wading in the waters. At the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia it's the mongoose, baboons, ibex who are the heroes. The Australian Outback section will be your next haunt. The kangaroos, emu, wallaby, cassowary will keep you company through this stretch.

Special shows

As you walk along you are sure to reach the majestic elephants section and make sure to watch the special show before you exit. The primate kingdowm hosts the crested macaque, The colobus, capuchin, patas and the douc langurs. As you walk make sure to occasionally gaze above and you are sure to not miss the oranguatans as they Boardwalk. The critters Lighthouse and the Bornean Marsh are next on your trail. Make sure to stop before you walk ahead to see the sun bear, The dragon, the tortoise, the crocodiles as they lay hidden behind the marked route.

And from here on brace yourselves as you enter the wild side! The fragile forest will introduce you to the flying bats and the ring tailed lemur. The Snake House is something that noone can afford to miss. You will be left mesmerised as you see the boa, The pythons and the anacondas.

In cat country

But your favourite is yet to come. It's the cat country that wins hands down. With its spread of jaguars, white tigers, lions, cheethas, hunting dogs they are the most visited part of the zoo. Wild Africa is the best walkthrough though as you can see the zebras, rhinos, elands, giraffes standing tall almost as a reminder of their their mighty existence.

And when you can take it no more make sure to grab a bite before you go ahead to watch and take part in the feeding sessions and shows.

So, get ready for an adventure with over 2500 animals inhabiting these lush rainforests. With over 40 feeding sessions, photos with the fauna, special shows and rides the fun never ends at Singapore zoo.

Elephants of Asia: Showcases the largest living land mammal, and the history associated with these gentle giants.Australian Outback: The kangaroos are waiting to meet you. Feed them and see them eat out of your hands! Hoppy adventures will happen twice daily.Primate Kingdom: Enjoy as different species of monkeys get together at Primate Kingdom. Reptile Garden: Be greeted by gentle giant tortoises and also have fun with the modern day dragons, snakes and crocodiles that are lurking around the vicinity. Free-Ranging Orang Utans- A place to hang out with these arboreal creatures as they show off with their antics swinging and playing right above you. Feeding sessions and shows Rabit pettingGoat feedingRainforests fight backSplash SafariElephants at work and playAnimal friends show.

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Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012