Here's a treasure hunt just for you. Find the clues to open the long wooden box and find out what's there.

The cousins were having pooja vacation. They lived as a joint family in their grandfather's house. The house was large and most of the rooms upstairs were unused and smelt of bats. They swam in the river, went for picnics and were too tired to even watch TV. Though there was a computer in their uncle's room, they were too busy rushing off to play with their friends in the village.

One afternoon they decided to climb the creaking staircase to the first storey and explore the dark mysterious rooms. An enormous battered tin trunk blocked the entrance.

“Hey, let's empty it, only then we can move it,” said Murali, the oldest.

They hurriedly threw out the things — old books, magazines, photo albums, ancient toys with wobbly parts and peeling paint — but wait what was this? Krithika has a long wooden box in her hand, and there was no way to open it.

“I know,” exclaimed Krithika, a bookworm, “this is code box.” Looking at their expression she went on “in ancient days when important secrets were to be sent from place to place, they were sent in boxes like this. We have to break the code to open it.”

“But where are the clues?” wailed Archana, the youngest.

“We have to dig deeper into the trunk,” pacified Madhu.

“I got it, I got,” screamed Shuba, waving a faded piece of paper in a hand. Poring over it, they tried to understand the list of ‘clues'.

“It's weird,” muttered Archana.

“No, it's not,” said Krits (Krithika) “when you think of it, these are headings. See, the dates, the titles…come on, what do we read on Tuesdays, we all fight for the pages…think think.”

“Oh you mean the Young World,” said Murali.

“Most of the dates in 2010, but there are three in 2009,” said Archana.

“The archives, the Young World archives on the net. I have used it for school projects. it's,” said Madhu.

“Let's get cracking,” said Murali.

The clues

April 6, 2010: “Remembering a great king” (Clue : the capital of Vijaya Nagar Empire - 5)

April 13, 2010: “Salubrious hill town” ( Clue : a tribe in the Nilgris Mountain range - 5)

Feb 3, 2009 : “Project Grey Ghost” (Clue : who is the grey ghost? - 11)

March 10 2009 : “Celebrate the festival of colour” (4)

Feb 24, 2009 : “A nine-coloured bird, also known as Navrang.” (11)

“We got the five clues, now lets insert the little alphabet boxes that's given in this little box on the side into the grid provided in the box,” said Murali. “If I remember right, when the last letter of the clue is fitted, the latch will automatically click open,” mused Krits.

The box opens and the treasure is: October 12 – a sabre-toothed petMail your entries to ; The Hindu Young World, 859/860 Kasturi Buildings, Anna Salai. Chennai 600 002 or email :

Make sure you include your name, class, school and place.

All entries must reach us before October 22. The best five entries will win exciting prizes.

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