Tiny books designed to teach you not only to read but also do lots of other stuff.

It's simple really, you know. All you need for a story and a picture to go with it is your thumb. Hard to believe, isn't it? Now make your own storybook like grown ups do. The “Thumb Thumb” books will show you how.

They are a series designed to show how your thumb can tell a tale, teach you to read and do lots of other stuff. Featuring for the first time, the one and only Thumb Thumb Thambi and Thumb Thumb Thangi, it welcomes us to a world where the thumbprint reins supreme.

Each one features either Thambi or Thangi and we see how rich their adventures can be. A cow one minute, flowers the next or a slithery caterpillar — they keep you on your toes guessing their next trick!

Thumb prints

A mirror is something you hang on the wall and look into while combing your hair isn't it? Well, Thangi made a big huge monster face at one and guess what happened next? The mirror made one at her too! What about the time Thangi started to sing? The dogs started howling and the donkeys brayed in tune!

What about the time Thambi found a red flower? A bee stung him!

These books aim to prove that this rather large finger we have which we take so much for granted has more to it than what meets the eye.

Every last page has, “I can read this book” in big bold print. Don't forget to say it aloud to yourself every time. Take a deep breath and say it loud. See how good it feels!

DARK by Radhika Menon,

WHERE IS THANGI; UP UP!; by Jeeva Raghunath,

HELLO; TAIL; by Deepa Balsavar,

MIRROR; SONG, FLOWER; SHHH!; by Sandhya Rao,

9 To 1 by Niveditha Subramaniam,

Tulika Publishers,

Ages four and above,

Rs 45 each