1. Which famous statue, now on display at the Louvre, was discovered in the Greek island of Melos on this date in 1820?

2. Who made the famous comment “God does not play dice with the universe”?

3. What important post does the IAS officer V.S. Sampath hold, which has seen him make headlines regularly now?

4. In 1930, which teenaged girl, who would go on to win the Bharat Ratna, found the ‘Vanar Sena’ of children to help the Congress party during the Non-Cooperation Movement?

5. Which type of cloud gets its name from Latin meaning a ringlet or curling lock of hair?

6. Which popular sitcom, that followed the main character Ted Mosby and his friends in Manhattan, had its final episode on March 31?

7. Which animal has the longest known tentacles of any cephalopod?

8. Which Hans Christian Anderson work is the inspiration for the Disney blockbuster “Frozen”?

9. What is the “Meiji Restoration”?

10. In cricket, when can an incoming batsman be “timed out”?

11. Who is credited with making the first sealed thermometer in the 1710s?

12. Which was the first planet discovered with a telescope?

13. Why did Robert Baden-Powell choose a three-finger salute for Guides and Scouts?

14. In chemistry, what does the ‘Abegg’s Rule’ state?

15. What is ‘frankincense’ that was given a gift to baby Jesus?

Answers: 1. Venus de Milo; 2. Albert Einstein; 3. Chief Election Commissioner; 4. Indira Gandhi; 5.Cirrus; 6. ‘How I Met Your Mother’; 7.Giant squid; 8. The Snow Queen; 9. In Japanese history, the chain of events that restored imperial rule in 1868; 10. An incoming batsman is ‘timed out’ if he wilfully takes more than two minutes to come in; 11. German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit; 12. Uranus; 13. To represent the three aspects of the Scout/Guide Promise; 14. The difference between the maximum positive and negative valence of an element is frequently eight; 15. It is an aromatic resin.