1. What symbol does Captain Haddock have on his blue sweater/jumper?

2. What feat did French Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie achieve on February 15?

3. How tall (in feet) is a horse if it measured 15 ‘hands’?

4. Which place in Karnataka was called Mercara by the British?

5. If Virender Sehwag was the first Indian to score a triple century in Tests, who was the first to score a double?

6. Which common domestic herbivore has the scientific name ‘Capra aegagrus hircus’?

7. What would be the currency used in the country whose Capital is Nay Pyi Taw or Naypyidaw?

8. Cm is the chemical symbol for which element?

9. Of what is a pyrophobe afraid?

10. If the second line of a popular nursery rhyme is ‘His wife could eat no lean’, then what is the first?

11. Other than Jim Hawkins, who else is the narrator in ‘Treasure Island’?

12. Which famous French philosopher also developed a coordinate system of geometry?

13. Of what species are the Pokemons Piplup and Prinplup?

14. Name the author of the book ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’ which was withdrawn in India recently.

15. Which UK Crown-dependant territory is known for the Manx cat and the TT races?

Answers: 1. An anchor; 2. He broke the legendary Sergey Bubka’s 21-year-old pole vault world record with a 6.16m effort; 3. Five feet; 4. Madikeri; 5. Polly Umrigar; 6. Goat; 7. Kyat. The country is Myanmar; 8. Curium; 9. Fire; 10. ‘Jack Sprat could eat no fat’; 11. Doctor Livesey; 12. Rene Descartes; 13. Penguins; 14. Wendy Doniger; 15. Isle of Man