1. Name the western African country, with Banjul as Capital, celebrating its Independence today.

2. Which Olympic medallist has been appointed as brand ambassador for the Central Reserve Police Force?

3. In 1979, what freak natural occurrence happened, for the first time in living memory, on the Sahara Desert?

4. Name the legendary Hollywood child star, who later became a US ambassador, who passed away on February 11.

5. With which civilian honour has squash star Deepika Pallikal been honoured with recently?

6. February 9 marked the golden jubilee of which iconic band’s first American appearance on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’?

7. Why has the observation of star SMSS J031300.36-670839.3, 6000 light years from earth, created a buzz in the world of astronomy?

8. In which European city can one see the magnificent Sagrada Familia?

9. Vietnamese game creator Dong Nguyen recently created news by removing which popular mobile game?

10. How are the Presidents of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and the Indian Olympic Association connected?

11. ‘Footlights’, the only novel written by this cinematic icon, was published recently. Name the legend.

12. Name the iconic Indian car, the production of which was stopped recently after a run of 30 years.

13. Which Nobel Laureate and President of an Asian country has set a world record for delivering the largest online civics class in the world?

14. Which Indian is going to lead the Marylebone Cricket Club in the match to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Lord’s Cricket Ground?

15. Which character in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ is known for his ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen…’ speech?

Answers: 1.The Gambia; 2. M.C. Mary Kom; 3. It snowed!; 4. Shirley Temple; 5. Padma Shri; 6. The Beatles; 7. At 13.7 billion years old, it is being described as the oldest star ever observed; 8. Barcelona; 9. ‘Flappy Bird’; 10. They are brothers (N. Srinivasan and N. Ramachandran); 11. Charlie Chaplin; 12. Maruti 800; 13. Shimon Peres; 14. Sachin Tendulkar; 15. Mark Anthony