1. Which social media site was launched on this date 10 years ago?

2. Recent observations of a dwarf planet (and the largest asteroid) has suggested that it is spewing plumes of water vapour into space. Name the dwarf planet.

3. What does Kaaba mean in Arabic?

4. Who was the first woman to be honoured with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna?

5. Which Test cricket-country is celebrating its Independence Day today?

6. Name the French pair that won Grammys for the Album of the Year and Record of the Year recently.

7. Which classic children’s story features characters like Aunt Dete, ‘Alm Uncle’ and Clara?

8. Name the eminent scientist and yoga guru, the only two recipients of the Padma Vibhushan this year.

9. In Venice, what is the Vaporetto?

10. According to a recent decision, the Reserve Bank of India has decided to withdraw all currency notes issued prior to which year?

11. In which European city is the strongest tournament (category 23) in chess history being held now?

12. Which ancient wonder was located in Ephesus (near the modern town of Selcuk in present-day Turkey)?

13. What is ‘Octane rating’?

14. How does one better know ‘barker’ who became the first orbital casualty in the 1950s?

15. Who succeeded Indira Gandhi as PM after her assassination?

Answers: 1. Facebook (as Thefacebook); 2. Ceres; 3. The Cube; 4. Karnam Malleswari; 5. Sri Lanka; 6. Daft Punk; 7. Heidi; 8. R.A. Mashelkar and B.K.S. Iyengar; 9. Powered water taxis; 10. 2005; 11. Zurich (Zurich Chess Challenge); 12. Temple of Artemis; 13. It is a standard measure of the performance of a motor or aviation fuel; 14. Laika; 15. Rajiv Gandhi.