1. Fought on this date in 1854, the Battle of Inkerman was one of the most decisive battles of which war?

2. Name the spouse of Menelaus of Sparta.

3. In which Dickens classic does the character Mr. Brownlow appear?

4. Name the rocket, the biggest-ever then, that launched humans to the moon.

5. What is the English name given to Rossini’s “La Gazza Ladra”?

6. What type of an animal is a Bongo?

7. What colour is the cross on the Norwegian flag?

8. Singer Norah Jones’ father has won his country’s highest civilian honour. Name the award.

9. Ichthyophobia is the fear of which common animal?

10. Which philosopher killed himself by drinking the poison hemlock?

11. Of which Asian country is Vientiane the Capital?

12. Which famous poem begins thus: “The boy stood on the burning deck whence all but he had fled…”?

13. If Toyota has Lexus, then who has Acura?

14. A solid geometrical figure made up of four triangular faces is called a…?

15. The RMS Carpathia is known for which heroic act?

Answers: 1. Crimean; 2. Helen of Troy; 3. Oliver Twist; 4. Saturn V; 5. ‘The Thieving Magpie’; 6. Antelope; 7. Indigo blue and white; 8. Bharat Ratna; 9. Fish; 10. Socrates; 11. Laos; 12. Casabianca; 13. Honda; 14. Tetrahedron; 15. Rescuing survivors from the Titanic tragedy.