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Updated: October 28, 2013 18:19 IST

Young World Quiz

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Devika Rani: The first. Photo: The Hindu Photo Library
Devika Rani: The first. Photo: The Hindu Photo Library

1. In which event did Larissa Latynina win 18 Olympic medals?

2. To which Bharat Ratna was the first national Yash Chopra Memorial Award presented recently?

3. Who was the last US President before Barack Obama to win a Nobel Prize?

4. Name the New Zealand writer who became the youngest author ever to win the Booker Prize for her work The Luminaries?

5. Which is the second most abundant element in the observable universe?

6. Which country, under much global attention of late, recently joined the UN’s Chemical Weapons Convention?

7. Which is the largest landlocked country in the world?

8. If the first of the 44 awardees was Devika Rani, then who is the latest?

9. Which was the second of the four Sherlock Holmes novels?

10. Sony and which other electronics giant developed the CD?

11. The excess of which acid is responsible for the condition called ‘gout’?

12. What type of an animal is a “Goldendoodle”?

13. Name the Italian footballer who has been a World Cup winner, runner-up and a third-place finisher.

14. Melissophobia is a fear of which insect?

15. Pd is the chemical symbol for which element?

Answers: 1. Gymnastics; 2. Lata Mangeshkar; 3. Jimmy Carter; 4. Eleanor Catton; 5. Helium; 6. Syria; 7. Kazakhstan; 8. Pran; 9. The Sign of the Four; 10. Philips; 11. Uric Acid; 12. It’s a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle; 13. Franco Baresi; 14. Bees; 15. Palladium.

Knowledge is the most abundant,important and greatest matter in the world. Can you publish some model questions for Young world quiz contest?

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Posted on: Oct 30, 2013 at 16:27 IST
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