1. Who created the detective Lord Peter Wimsey?

2. Name the mall in Nairobi that saw Somali militants create carnage leading to many deaths recently.

3. The second of the Disney amusement parks opened on this date in 1971. Where?

4. How did the Indian American Nina Davuluri make news recently?

5. The latest version of which popular open world action-adventure video game became the fastest single entertainment product to reach sales of $1 billion?

6. “Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain” is a mnemonic used to remember what?

7. How did the remarkable Helen Keller, who was visually impaired and had no hearing, ‘listen’ to people?

8. The Anacostia is one of the two rivers binding which national capital?

9. Which famous spacecraft, which was in service for 15 years from 1986, had a name which meant “Peace” in Russian?

10. In Japanese cuisine, what is the term used for sliced raw fish served without rice?

11. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” features in which of John Keats’ poem?

12. Where in London can one see the graves of literary legends Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens and Alfred, Lord Tennyson?

13. Bjorn Again is a parody of which legendary Swedish pop group?

14. From what does Brazil get its name?

15. What is a “diabolo”?

Answers: 1. Dorothy L. Sayers; 2. Westgate Shopping Mall; 3. At Orlando, Florida; 4. She became the first Indian American to be crowned Miss America; 5. Grand Theft Auto V; 6. Order of colours in a rainbow; 7. By touching their lips and throat; 8. Washington DC; 9. Mir; 10. Sashimi; 11. ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’; 12. Westminster Abbey; 13. ABBA; 14. From the Brazilwood tree; 15. It is a juggling prop consisting of an axle and two cups or discs.