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Updated: September 23, 2013 16:00 IST

Young World quiz

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Manmohan SIngh: Name his Australian counterpart.
Manmohan SIngh: Name his Australian counterpart.

1. In a major breakthrough, scientists last week announced the mapping of the genomes of which three big cats?

2. Which island nation in the southern hemisphere is observing “Dominion Day” on this date i.e. the day it was granted a Dominion status within the British Empire?

3. Name Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Australian counterpart who was sworn in on September 18.

4. Other than Chile, which other South American country does not share a border with Brazil?

5. How did the infamous quartet of Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur make the headlines on September 13?

6. According to a NASA announcement, which space probe has left the solar system to become the first man-made object to reach interstellar space?

7. The world's most expensive marine salvage operation was recently conducted to free which stricken cruise ship off an Italian island?

8. Name the Charles Dickens’ novel that remained unfinished because of his death?

9. Which is the largest herbaceous flowering plant?

10. Who painted the famous “The Persistence of Memory”?

11. Which famous Asiatic religious complex was built by Khmer King Suryavarman II?

12. Servant of God is the first of the four steps in what process of the Roman Catholic Church?

13. If India has the Sansad, what does Pakistan have?

14. Which conqueror was called “Scourge of God”?

15. Which is the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro?

Answers: 1. Tiger, lion and snow leopard; 2. New Zealand; 3. Tony Abbott; 4. Ecuador; 5. They were given death sentences for the gang rape of a medical student in December 2012 which led to worldwide shock and condemnation; 6. Voyager I; 7. Costa Concordia; 8. The Mystery of Edwin Drood; 9. Banana; 10. Salvador Dali; 11. Angkor Wat; 12. Canonization; 13. Majlis-e-Shoora; 14. Attila the Hun; 15. Mount Kenya.

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Illustration: Sreejith R. Kumar

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