1. Why does the Missionaries of Charity celebrate September 10 as “Inspiration Day”?

2. Under which European autonomous country’s ice-sheet has the world’s longest canyon, more than 750 km long, been discovered?

3. Which dinosaur made popular in Jurassic Park, has the name meaning “swift seizer”?

4. How much did Microsoft pay for Nokia’s handset business?

5. What is patricide?

6. From which EPL club did Gareth Bale move to Real Madrid for a record transfer fee?

7. In chess, the Sokolsy opening ‘1.b4’ is also named after which great ape?

8. To which cricket-related personality did Google pay tribute with a doodle on September 5?

9. Which President is on the $2 bill?

10. Which is the last event in a decathlon?

11. In Norse mythology, what is Gotterdammerung?

12. In which two colours does Stilton cheese normally come in?

13. In Harry Potter, what was the first name of the character with the last name Grubbly-Plank?

14. What is the more common name for a regular hexahedron?

15. Which poetic book of the Hebrew Bible mourns the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple?

Answers: 1. On this date in 1946, Sister Teresa Bojaxhiu of the Loreto Sisters’ Convent (while riding a train to Darjeeling) got the ‘call’ from God asking her to serve the poor; 2. Denmark; 3. Velociraptor; 4. $7.17 billion; 5. Killing of one’s father; 6. Tottenham Hotspur; 7. Orang-utan; 8. John Wisden on his 187th birthday; 9. Thomas Jefferson; 10. 1500 metres; 11. The final apocalyptic battle (also called Ragnarok); 12. Blue and white; 13. Wilhelmina; 14. Cube; 15. Book of Lamentations.