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Updated: September 2, 2013 15:28 IST

Young World quiz

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Tell me: What's the name of my cat?
Tell me: What's the name of my cat?

1. In which country is Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest peak in the Americas?

2. Which popular comic strip character sometimes imagines himself as an ace taking on the Red Baron?

3. Which inert gas, with atomic number 54, is used to fill cathode ray tubes?

4. Which musical term, for the speed or pace of a given piece, is Italian for time?

5. Le Chiffre and Hugo Drax have been the nemesis of which dashing agent?

6. During which time of the day are ‘crepuscular’ animals active?

7. What is the name of Bob the Builder’s cat?

8. How would one represent the highest recorded FC score in cricket in Roman numerals?

9. In chemistry, what ‘rich’ name is given to a mixture of HF, BaSO4, and fluorides that is used for etching glass?

10. In Asterix, which marine crustacean, an optional ingredient, is added to the Magic Potion for flavour?

11. What would one do with a quince: wear it, eat it or walk in it?

12. Name for the giant bird of prey that features in many Arabian legends including the tales of Sinbad the Sailor?

13. If Hawaii is the 50th State of the US, then which is the 49th?

14. What is the fear of flowers called?

15. In 2005, at which National Park was the tiger population found to be entirely wiped out?

Answers: 1. Argentina; 2. Snoopy; 3. Xenon; 4. Tempo; 5. James Bond; 6. Primarily during twilight, that is during dawn and dusk; 7. Pilchard; 8. DI (501 by Brian Lara); 9. Diamond Ink; 10. Lobster; 11. Eat it; 12. Roc; 13. Alaska; 14. Anthophobi; 15. Sariska.

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