1. On July 16, in 1945, what ‘Age’ began with the US detonating a device near Alamogordo, New Mexico?

2. Name the geological era in which we are living?

3. Which World Heritage Site in India was rocked by explosions on July 7?

4. What is the more famous name of the Italian painter Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi?

5. In Norse mythology, what was the abode of mankind called?

6. Which famous explorer’s flagship was “The Trinidad”?

7. Douglas Engelbart who passed away recently invented which commonly used computer peripheral?

8. Which substance is the most used man-made material in the world?

9. Which three words are considered the slogan of French Revolution?

10. What is Bulimia?

11. In the Hebrew Bible, if your age was 969 years then your name would be…?

12. Which nut’s meal is an important ingredient in marzipan?

13. Which is the penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet, above Omega?

14. Who was the last Briton to win a senior singles title before Andy Murray?

15. For what is Friedrich Frobel remembered in the world of education?

Answers: 1. The ‘Atomic Age’; 2. Cenzoic; 3. Mahbodhi Temple complex in Gaya; 4. Sandro Botticeli; 5. Midgard; 6. Ferdinand Magellan; 7. The Mouse; 8. Concrete; 9. ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité; 10. It’s an illness where a person binges on food and feels a loss of control; 11. Methuselah; 12. Almond; 13. Psi; 14. Virginia Wade (1977); 15. Kindergarten system.