1. On this date in 1981, Nintendo released one of its best-selling and iconic games which also gave us the character Mario. Name the game.

2. Who was voted the player of the Confederations Cup tournament that was won by host Brazil?

3. Name the country with Juba as the Capital that became independent on this date in 2011.

4. Kevin Rudd is back as the Prime Minister of which Test cricket-playing country?

5. Which battle does Anzac Day specifically commemorate?

6. In the context of WWI, which were the first two countries to declare war?

7. Which online giant recently launched the ‘Start Searching India’ campaign?

8. Name the Japanese robot-astronaut, which can communicate with humans, set to go into space in August.

9. In “The mad tea party” in Alice in Wonderland, who tells the story about three girls who live in a treacle well and draw pictures of things beginning with M?

10. Commonly called the Fiumicino, after which genius is Rome’s airport named?

11. In the context of medical conditions, if it’s Athlete’s for foot and Tennis for elbow, what is it for Housemaid?

12. Which Olympic host city’s name means ‘Northern Capital’?

13. What could be vulgar, mixed, complex or simple?

14. Of which group of toys are these: Jetfire, Shockwave, Ultra Magnus and Blitzwing?

15. Which is the only remaining sovereign duchy in the world?

Answers: 1. Donkey Kong; 2. Neymar; 3. South Sudan; 4. Australia; 5. Battle of Gallipoli; 6. Austria and Serbia; 7. Google; 8. Kirobo; 9. The Dormouse; 10. Leonardo da Vinci: 11. Knee; 12. Beijing (Peking); 13. Fractions; 14. Transformers; 15. Luxembourg.