1. UNESCO has designated April 30 as an international day to celebrate which type of music?

2. If Francis is the latest and Peter the first, then who was the second?

3. Simple one. Against which team did Chris Gayle smash the fastest-ever century in professional cricket’s history?

4. Into which sea does the Jordan flow into?

5. During which prestigious sporting event in the U.S. did a terrorist attack kill three and injured 282 others recently?

6. What is the small muscular sac, situated under the liver, which stores bile called?

7. In Sherlock Holmes adventures, by how many years was Mycroft older than Sherlock?

8. Name the famous Indian labelled ‘human computer’ for her mathematical wizardry who passed away recently.

9. Which sporting equipment may be no more than 38 inches long and have a width no more than 4.25 inches?

10. What is offal?

11. The Henry is the SI derived unit for…?

12. Which famous software maker was founded by Larry Ellison?

13. Whose birthday does the Walt Disney Company officially recognise as November 18, 1928?

14. Who is the protagonist of the popular century-old novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen?

15. Of the three U.S. States which name begins with letter O, one is Ohio. Name the other two.

Answers: 1. Jazz; 2. St. Linus; 3. Pune Warriors India; 4. Dead Sea; 5. Boston marathon; 6. Gall bladder; 7. Seven; 8. Shakuntala Devi; 9. Cricket bat; 10. The internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal; 11. Inductance; 12. Oracle; 13. Mickey and Minnie Mouse; 14. Elizabeth Bennet; 15. Oregon and Oklahoma.