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Updated: March 11, 2013 16:43 IST

Young World Quiz

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The Dandi March: Where did it begin? Photo: Gandhi Smriti
The Dandi March: Where did it begin? Photo: Gandhi Smriti

1. On this date in 1918, which city did Moscow replace as the Capital of Russia?

2. Which former US Presidential nominee is the new Secretary of State of that country?

3. What is the empire of the Chandravanshis, in Amish’s “Shiva Trilogy”, called?

4. Which team defended its title at the recently concluded National football championship for the Santosh Trophy?

5. The chenda and the maddalam traditionally accompany which classical dance form from south India?

6. There was uproar recently with the Wharton India Economic Forum cancelling its invitation to Narendra Modi. Of which university is Wharton a part of?

7. From where did Mahatma Gandhi start his famous march towards Dandi on this date in 1930?

8. Which is the world’s largest landlocked country?

9. What is the main claim to fame of the STRaND-1 satellite launched from Sriharikota on February 25?

10. How is the now-retired pontiff Benedict XVI to be addressed?

11. Who recently achieved the distinction of being the first male actor to win three Oscars for Best Actor?

12. How many watts in one horsepower?

13. India’s first wildlife skywalk is to come up in Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary. In which State is the sanctuary?

14. Lake Assal is the lowest point in which continent?

15. In whose logo can one see Col. Sanders?

Answers: 1. St. Petersburg; 2. John Kerry; 3. Swadeep; 4. Services; 5. Kathakali; 6. University of Pennsylvania; 7. Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad; 8. Kazakhstan; 9. It is being touted as the world’s first Smartphone Satellite; 10. Pope Emeritus; 11. Daniel Day-Lewis; 12. 746; 13. Sikkim; 14. Africa; 15. KFC.

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