1. Name the author of the classics The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables, born on this date in 1802.

2. Standing 70 ft, where was the tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled on February 15?

3. In which African country is Lake Volta, the largest reservoir by surface area in the world and the fourth largest one by water volume?

4. Name the South African athlete nicknamed “Blade Runner” who was recently charged with murdering his girlfriend.

5. Name the detector that measures ionizing radiation and detects emission of nuclear radiation.

6. Which State has set a new record for the highest-ever voter turnout with 93 per cent polling in the Assembly elections held some days back?

7. Expand ASEAN.

8. Why was the Italian company Finmeccanica in the news recently?

9. Of which western Indian State is the flamingo the State bird?

10. Name the sport, in which India has won multiple medals, that is to be dropped from Olympics programme in 2020.

11. If India has the Sansad and Japan the Diet, then what does Spain have?

12. Name the Indian business legend who is one of the commissioners of the Global Ocean Commission, an independent body aimed at reversing degradation of the ocean and restoring it to full health and productivity.

13. What bird did Florence Nightingale carry in her pocket?

14. What was the profession of Lemuel Gulliver of Gulliver Travels fame?

15. Which automobile major has brands called Yeti and Superb?

Answers: 1. Victor Hugo; 2. Patna; 3. Ghana; 4. Oscar Pistorius; 5. Geiger–Müller counter; 6. Tripura; 7. Association of South East Asian Nations; 8. It has been accused of paying bribes to get a VVIP chopper deal in India; 9. Gujarat; 10. Wrestling; 11. Cortes. They are the National parliaments; 12. Ratan Tata; 13. Owl; 14. Ship doctor; 15. Skoda.