1. Why is December 4 celebrated as ‘Navy Day’ in India?

2. Name the legendary Ukranian pole vaulter, the only human to touch 6.10m, celebrating his birthday on this date.

3. Why the galaxy named MACS0647-JD was in the news recently?

4. Which iconic WHS is located on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru?

5. Whose record did PSY’s Gangnam Style video recently beat to become YouTube's most-watched video of all time?

6. Name the new political party floated by the anti-corruption crusader Arvind Kejriwal?

7. Which famous brand’s India store is called BestPrice Modern Wholesale?

8. Who has become the youngest to win a hat-trick of Formula One drivers’ championship?

9. Which US State is called the Bluegrass State?

10. How is the very successful rapper and record producer Shawn Corey Carter better known?

11. What is the opposite of a neap tide?

12. Where was the labyrinth where the Minotaur lived?

13. Who succeeded Richard Nixon as the U.S. President after he was forced to step down?

14. Which was the last non-Capital city to host the Summer Olympics?

15. What is the maximum score in a game of ten pin bowling?


 Answers: 1. It was on this date in 1971 that the Indian Navy launched ‘Operation Trident’ against Pakistan; 2. Sergey Bubka; 3. It has become furthest ever galaxy discovered at 13.3 billion light-years from Earth; 4. Machu Picchu; 5. Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’; 6. Aam Aadmi Party; 7. Wal-Mart; 8. Sebastian Vettel; 9. Kentucky; 10. Jay-Z; 11. Spring tide; 12. Crete; 13. Gerald Ford; 14. Sydney (2000); 15. 300.


Young World quizDecember 24, 2012