1. The great footballer Edison Arantes do Nascimento claims he was born on this date in 1940, instead of October 21 as mentioned in his birth certificate. How do we know him better?

2. How did Felix Baumgartner of Austria make headline news recently?

3. Which European country is called ‘Land of Cakes’?

4. Norodom Sihanouk, a former Asian king, passed away recently. Of which nation was he the royal head?

5. Which State in India has the least population?

6. Who/what has been awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize?

7. How many players in a korfball team?

8. Which former Indian captain has been made next chairman of the ICC’s Technical Committee?

9. Which Tamil Nadu town is known for making fireworks?

10. Which language has been added recently by Pope Benedict XVI to the weekly Vatican address in front of pilgrims: Hindi, Arabic or Tamil?

11. ‘Stannic’ means of/or relating to which element?

12. In ‘The Simpsons’, whose favourite food is the doughnut?

13. Which fearsome mythical monster was made up of a lion, goat and serpent?

14. How is the city of New Amsterdam better known today?

15. What was the German air force in WWII called?


1. Pele; 2. The skydiver set records for the highest manned balloon flight, highest skydive and fastest free-fall speed; 3. Scotland; 4. Cambodia; 5. Sikkim; 6. The European Union; 7. Eight (four men and four women); 8. Anil Kumble; 9. Sivakasi; 10. Arabic; 11. Tin; 12. Chief Wiggum; 13. Chimera; 14. New York; 15. Luftwaffe


Young World quizOctober 15, 2012