1. Which day probably took its name from a priest who was martyred about 270 CE by Claudius II Gothicus?

2. Name the cycling champion who has been banned for two years and stripped of the Tour de France title that he won in 2010.

3. What is the full name of the Barbadian singer: Robyn _____ Fenty.

4. February 6 saw what royal achievement in the United Kingdom?

5. Whose motto is ‘Vayam Rakshamah'?

6. New York Giants are the new winners of which popular sporting event?

7. In which State is Pench National Park?

8. What important judgement did the Supreme Court deliver on February 2 in the 2G scam?

9. According to a recent research, the brand value of which popular author, whose 200th birth anniversary was observed last week, is worth £280m a year to the British economy?

10. Who was snapped up for a whopping $2 million by Chennai Super Kings in the recent IPL auction?

11. Who was the left-arm bowler in the famous Indian ‘spin quartet' of the 1960s and 1970s?

12. Which online giant has filed for a $5 billion IPO that could value it between $75 and $100 billion?

13. Andrew Garfield is the latest actor to play which Marvel superhero?

14. According to researchers at Columbia and Harvard varsities, it may now be possible to bring which disease to sudden halt early on by preventing cell-to-cell transmission?

15. Which language leads the rest in the panel of 15 languages that appear on Indian currency notes?

Answers: 1. St. Valentine's Day; 2. Alberto Contador; 3. Rihanna; 4. It marked the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II becoming the monarch; 5. The Indian Coast Guard; 6. Super Bowl; 7. Madhya Pradesh; 8. It cancelled the 122 telecom licences granted in the 2008; 9. Charles Dickens; 10. Ravindra Jadeja; 11. Bishan Singh Bedi; 12. Facebook; 13. Spider-Man; 14. Alzheimer's disease; 15. Assamese.