1. Which invention of his did Thomas Alva Edison demonstrate for the first time on this date in 1877?

2. Name the former coach of the South African cricket team who is to be in-charge of Australia now?

3. What are the main components of the French delicacy macaroons?

4. In which traditional sport did India win the World Cup in both men and women's event held in Punjab?

5. If it is bald for the U.S., white-tailed for Poland and the golden variety for Mexico, what is one talking about?

6. What record does ‘Metallic microlattice', announced by scientists recently, hold?

7. Suricata suricatta is the scientific name of which cuddly-looking member of the mongoose family?

8. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who was arrested over charges of electoral fraud, is the former President of which Asian country?

9. Which celebrated Victorian author had the middle names John Huffam?

10. Which country recently test-fired a new weapon which can travel at five times the speed of sound i.e. at hypersonic speed?

11. In which African country are the famous Kimberley diamond mines?

12. How did Hyderabad cricketer Ibrahim Khaleel make news recently?

13. Which literary feline has a title ‘Son of the Emperor-beyond-the-Sea'?

14. Which State has passed a resolution to appoint Sam Pitroda, National Innovation Council Chairman, as its Chief Mentor for development?

15. What is the commonly used name for the pancreatic hormone used to treat diabetes?

Answers:1. The Phonograph; 2. Mickey Arthur; 3. Egg whites and almonds; 4. Kabaddi; 5. The type of eagle that is represented in the national symbol; 6. It is being touted as the lightest structural material ever; 7. Meerkat; 8. The Philippines; 9. Charles Dickens; 10. USA; 11. South Africa; 12. The wicket-keeper set the world record for most dismissals in a match by accounting for 11 catches and 3 stumpings; 13. Aslan in the Narnia stories; 14. Kerala; 15. Insulin.