Here's a group of kids who have decided to find solutions to simple but nagging problems. For putting their grey cells to good use they have won awards.

Have you ever wondered how you could get people to wear a helmet or help your grandfather climb the stairs without him struggling? And have you done anything about it? The National Innovation Foundation saw over 4104 submissions from across the country to handle problems such as these. IGNITE 11 was organised by NIF in association with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Society for Research and Initiatives in Sustainable Technologies and Institutions (SRISTI), various State Education Boards and other partners. The best ideas and innovations were awarded by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

No Helmet: No riding

With road accidents on the rise and people still being very slack when it comes to wearing a helmet, S.M. Arthi, a student of Government Girls H.S.S., Nannilam, Thiruvarur district in Tamil Nadu decided to it was time to act. A recent accident got them thinking and it was Arthi's visit to a restaurant where she saw the use of a sensor to control the water running from a tap that helped her develop the idea.

The idea: She worked with her friends to use a similar technology to tackle the situation of safety. Using this module when one wants to start the bike he/she will have to wear the helmet. The sensor in the helmet helps the engine start.

Future plans: Arthi wants to become a marine engineer.

Safe than sorry

Manu Chopra, a Std XI student of G.D. Goenka School, Rohini, Delhi, decided to invent something that will help a victim get away.

The idea: He wanted to create a watch for women. A trendy watch with its dial made up of blue LED lights. Working on the principle of nerve control velocity, this watch can signal the brain to act in case of an emergency. When the nerve speed increases to 119m/sec as opposed to 60m/sec the dial turns red and the watch gives a shock when it comes in contact with any exposed part of the attacker. A shock of about 0.1 amps is transmitted to allow the person to escape. The watch is also being designed to send a message and a photograph to the three numbers listed.

Future Plans: Manu aspires to be like Steve Jobs. Start his own company.

A closer look

It pained Jyoti, a Std IX student from DAV Public School, Unit VIII, Bhubaneshwar, to see people with poor eye sight not being allowed to drive. He observed students of a visually impaired school, to see how they managed daily chores. Some of them were suffering from glaucoma.

The idea: He made a CCV- Close circuit Vision gadget which works for glaucoma as well as low vision patients and is has been approved by AIIMS, New Delhi. Now he is planning on making it for paralytic patients.

Future Plans: He aims to become a scientist and specialise in electronics.

Remind me

If you are the type who keeps forgetting to take your medicines on time then Mohit Singh's medicine box reminder will be handy. A Std X student of DPS, Nigahi M.P., decided to design two useful inventions' both of which are practical and necessary.

The idea: For taps with different timer settings his idea came from the fact that water was being wasted. He fitted sensors that worked on the principle of time and auto cut off. It's just an accessory which needs to be added to control the use of water. As for the medicine box he set up a LCD panel with a “set time” option which starts ringing when you have to take your medicines. It also has the option of having a BP machine and a sugar level machine .

Future plans: Mohit aspires to become a surgeon.

Take it easy

Shalini's grandfather used a walker. She noticed that while he could use the walker on a level surface he found it difficult to walk up the stairs or travel. It is then that this Std IX student of Hartman High School, Patna, decided to make a modified walker with adjustable legs.

The idea: The front legs of the walker are adjustable and can be shortened to climb stairs. With the use of a clip the person walking can adjust the legs.

Future plans: Shalini wants to become a doctor and is still deciding on her specialisation.

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Others who won:

Sajid Ansari from Jharkhand for her desktop machine to sort rice grain

Rimjhim Baruah from Assam for her Poster writing Pen

Vignesh, Manoj and Raghav from Tamil Nadu for their navigation system to help the visually impaired

Bhanwar Malviya from Rajasthan for a drain pipe cleaning device

Dhavala from Karnataka for her bed sheet squeezer


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012