Is handwriting your sore point? Then, there’s help at hand..

Ever had the experience of having the teacher’s angry red pencil across your notebook and the comment “Please improve your hand writing!”? If so, have you done anything to improve that all important aspect of your life — handwriting?

Priti Govindaraj of Write Right Handwriting Classes, offers remedies to tackle this problem. She works on two fonts — cursive and print. With an hour for a class as she does not want it too taxing for the child. She has also formulated her own workbooks.

For a good hand

A student with bad handwriting needs structured help and not just blind practice.

Even if the child is in Std. XII, he/she has to begin at the basics. The foundation has to be strong. Don’t leave it too late. Now is the time to act, for good handwriting leads to self motivation. Good presentation can make you score well and this will bring in great results.

Some tips:

The pen/pencil must be held in three writing fingers — thumb, forefinger and the middle finger.

Keep your legs together, back straight and the other hand on the book while writing.

Sit at a table.

Good light and ventilation helps.

The book must be at an angle of 40°.

There should be a distance between the head and the book.

Use only ink or gel pens.

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