I took some, about five toffees to school, so that I can have them on the way and can also give it to my best friends.

Since I was late for my usual bus, I had to wait for another 20 minutes for the next bus. So I thought of having one of my toffees. But at that time, a small family consisting of father, mother and a child came to the bus stop. I didn't notice them at first. I took my toffee, removed its wrapper and put it into my mouth. But when I threw the wrapper away, the boy noticed the wrapper and I saw him looking at it. His face seemed to be very pleasant. And since I had four more toffees I thought of giving one to him.

But I wasn't able to give it. I think it was because he was with his parents. I thought, if I was that boy I would have refused it, and if his parents were like mine, they would have never allowed me to have it. I had the fear that they may refuse. It took me 10 minutes to make my mind, but finally I puckered up courage and gave the toffee to the boy. He accepted it whole heartedly and his parents smiled (might be because I was in my uniform). I was happy too. Just then my bus came and I left. But I was thinking why was it too difficult to give a toffee to a stranger. Then I came up with the answer — the world has changed much and we cannot trust anyone. This was the cause and I thought about a world that would make incidents like this common. But I never encourage any one to have anything from strangers. Let's pray for a better world.

Joffin is a student of C. K. M. N. S. S. Senior secondary School, Chalakudy

Keywords: short storytrustsafetyworld