Our school recently celebrated National Science Day which commemorates Dr. C. V. Raman’s discovery of the Raman Effect.

This was one of the most memorable events held in our school. After the inauguration ceremony, Professor S. Sivadas, the chief guest of the day, began his speech.

Initially, we thought that the speech would be uninteresting, but his words inspired us a lot. He cited many examples that made us feel that we can also excel in the field of Science.

There is no use of learning by rote each and every sentence that is written in the textbook. Understanding, exploring and observing what is going around us can sometimes make us discover or invent something special.

It is not uncommon to see everyone kissing their mothers because she will always be loved. But one mother out of millions would say, “Go and kiss the world”. Such simple quotes or words can sometimes influence us and change our lives. Everybody can achieve their targets with a bit of inspiration, faith and hard work.

Today the world is filled with the wonders of science. It has not been easy. Let us open our minds and explore the wonderful world of Science.

Pooja Soni V., IX E, Girideepam Bethany Central School, Kottayam