Women are pillars of strength and courage, and have been the pride of our country. In spite of women getting good education and having financial stability, there is no change in the thoughts of the people toward women. They are still facing harassment in all walks of life. Off late, we have heard about a lot of crimes against women. There is also an increase in the cases of female foeticides or killing girl babies before they are born. Why is there so much hatred toward our gender? We have got to learn, understand and make people understand the greatness of women such as Jhansi Rani, Kalpana Chawla, Mother Theresa, and P.T. Usha among many others, who have demonstrated their skills in their respective fields.

People need to be educated about the various roles a woman plays in her daily life. She has a lot of patience and strength to understand the emotions of people around and caters to their needs with a smile. Why don’t people in turn understand her emotions? I am proud to have been born a girl. I am sure that there will be a change in the society soon. Only then can we truly celebrate Women’s Day.

Prerna Madan, VI, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, TPT Colony, Visakhapatnam