Once upon a time, there lived a lion in a dense forest. He was really lazy as he was the king and always kept on ordering for food. His decision was to make all the animals in his kingdom his prey.

One by one, all the animals were killed. Finally, the wise fox’s turn came. He wanted to teach the lion a lesson. Armed with an idea, he went to the lion on the day of his turn and said, “My lord, today I am here as your food. By all means you can eat me up, but I have something to say before that.”

The lion roared impatiently and agreed. The fox continued, “Thank you, my lord. I tried to attack a witch and she cursed me saying that if anyone touches me, I will instantly turn into a monster and kill them. Your majesty, I don’t want to hurt you even in my dreams.”

The poor lion believed this and ran for his life. Thus, the fox saved the kingdom from the cruelty of the mighty lion.

Raj Krishna S., II, Mulamoottil Central School, Kozhencherry, Pathanamthitta