India won the World Cup on April 2. Immediately after, on April 8, the players had to start playing in the IPL. The players got barely five days to go to their homes and get some rest. They didn't have any rest before the World Cup either. They were playing in South Africa and came back to India in early February; the warm-up match against Australia was soon after. The IPL ends on May 28 and then India tours the West Indies in June-July; the first match is on June 4. The last match with West Indies is on July 15 and immediately after that they go to England. There they play till September 16.

For the older players this kind of playing is a strain on their body. The chances of injuries are high. Then they will start to play badly and people will criticise them saying that they are not fit enough and should retire. People should know that the players have been playing continuously without a break. Some cricketers have children and rarely get to see them. During the World Cup, just before the West Indies-England match, Paul Collingwood's daughters were supposed to have told him “We hope you lose tomorrow, daddy. Then you can come home.” Don't you think it's a bit sad that the children don't get to see their father?

April 24 was the birthday of one of India's best cricketer's Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Now that he has turned 38, we should be grateful that he is playing for us. We should also know that if he plays like this; his body will not be able to take it.

Players like Dravid and Laxman are also growing old. You need to give them rest and find new players to take their place.

Some senior players like Dhoni, Sachin, Zaheer, Yuvraj, have asked for permission to stay out of the West Indies tour so that they can get a break. I think this is a good idea for two reasons: one, the older players get some much-needed rest; two, younger players will get a chance to show their talent.

The Indian public puts pressure on the Indian team to win. They even stone houses or burn images of the players when they lose. Don't you think it's time we realised that the cricketers are also humans; they have families and they need their time off?

Shreyas S, VIII, HLC International