“Papa, what is meant by water?” the little girl asked her father. “Water, is a very rare object found on earth's surface. It is found deep inside rocks and the big holes you see there. Those holes long ago were called seas” answered Penny's father pointing across to the barren beach.

This could be the conversation between a father and a daughter far into the future. Almost all of the water resources of earth could be depleted and people will have to rely on anti-dehydration tablets to stay alive. The luxury of drinking water may be limited only to the world's richest people who can afford them. People will use and throw dresses as there will be no water to wash! People will be using specially made cleaning agents and deodorants to keep the body clean and healthy.

It is our duty to preserve water for future generations. Do not misuse it!

Athul Krishna is a student of Std VIII A at Loyola School, Trivandrum